Monday, March 2, 2009

There are some nights when having an Oppositional Defiant Child that is Obsessive Compulsive is just NOT what it is cracked up to be. For some reason, who on a normal day exhausts me, is spinning OUT OF CONTROL today!! So I am sitting here doing deep breathing while listening to him go CRAZY in the other room!

School is on minimum days this week due to parent teacher conferences (and why they think that is ok is beyond me!) so his routine is off..... and routine is EVERYTHING in our house. Not that we are militant about it, but if I want Nathaniel functional we have to stick to a pretty standard routine. So minimum days is problem number one.

Also, today at school Nathaniel got to go on a field trip. A really cool field trip, to the local Performing Arts Center to see a production of Junie B Jones. This should have thrilled him, he loves bus rides, loves plays and enjoys hanging with his friends. But it is also a break from the norm, so it throws him for a loop. He did great on the trip according to his teacher, but was spinning when he got home. Poor me!

Now the rest of it, I just don't know what is going on in his little mind. He came home from school and promptly dumped 2 HUGE totes of merchandise out at the store, then emptied the desk that he and the girls share. All three drawers of the desk all over the floor. Then he hid under the table for an hour while we asked him to clean up. He finally overcame that one and started working with his behavior therapist. That went ok for a bit... .until he decided that he was done. I seriously think he had the therapist at the point of tears like 4 or 5 times today! So then we FINALLY got to close the shop and come home. Should be good right? NO WAY! For the last 2 hours he has been obsessed with throwing balls, which is NOT allowed INSIDE our house. It's too dark and cold to send him outside to play, and he's too obsessed to distract. I wonder how many more balls I can stuff under my mattress before they start popping out? For that matter, how many more balls can he possibly come up with?? His younger sister asked a few minutes ago

"Dude, Nathaniel, WHAT is your deal tonight?"
then informed him a few minutes latter
"You are exhausting me, I think I need to go to bed".

Ahhh.. the joys of motherhood. I guess I should go reengage with him..