Saturday, March 17, 2012

SUPER Reader!

Look who is SO EXCITED....

To be getting an award....

For all of the SUPER improvements in his reading!!!

Mommy, teachers and staff are all excited too!

Guess it was a good thing I pushed SO HARD to hold him in fifth grade for a second go around this year, things are jsut clicking right into place for him FINALLY!!!

And the lesson in all of this....

Trust your momma bear gut, and KNOW that your child can do more then "they" think he or she can!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Tee

My kids participate in a great program here in Los Osos. It is called First Tee of the Central Coast, and we go to the one at Sea pines in Los Osos.

At First Tee they learn lots of great character lessons, and also about values, in addition to learning to play golf.

I just snuck this one it because, man is my little boy growing up!!! He is looking so old here..

Nat is very good at golf, both in his chair and out of it! These pictures were taken pre surgery, so he is in his chair.

Audrey is actually really improving in her game... just look at that beautiful fallow through stance!

I am really pleased with how well this program adapts things for Nathaniel and he just plays right along, in or out of his chair. He prefers to play out, but this is one thing he can do either way with no problem!

This was the last day of the Winter Season, so the kids got awards. Funny, this is like the fourth or fifth year the kids have done First Tee here, but the first time they ever got awards. Different coaches, different ways I guess!

This is Nathaniel and Audrey with Coach Billy. Coach Billy is a kick in the pants and the kids adore him, I hope he comes back for another season!!!

Is there a First Tee in your area?
 Have you checked it out?
Are you an adult that golfs?
Maybe you could volunteer some time to help out with this great program!
 I know our program is always looking for volunteers!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

In Honor Of A Great Lady

Sometimes it is all about the journeys we take.

The reason for the journey may be sad.
 It may be hard.
It may even be heart breaking.
Or the reason for the journey could be the natural progression of life.
It could even be many things!
But many times it is not the reason for the journey, but the journey it's self that is important!

We recently went on a journey....

To play dress up with distant cousins who we don't see often enough (even though we live a scant 2 hours away).

To invade a not so distance cousin's home and take over her glorious kitchen!

(and when I say invade, I REALLY mean INVADE!)

On our journey we got to dress up in our fine clothes (some of them we haven't worn in a while!) and see the little man who moved so far way last summer!

On our journey we even got to witness the feisty side of our family and visit with many fun folk.

On our journey there were special moments for siblings who haven't seen each other in almost a year.

And there were even smiles to be had.

But most of all, we went on this journey to say a final earthly farewell to a woman dearly loved.

A woman who has gone home to the home where she no longer hurts.

A home where her body is restored to the glory of her youth.

A home where her precious son and daughter awaited her homecoming.

A home her dear husband journey to before her.

A home where I pray she finds the peace she has long sought.

I love you Grandma.... see you when I get there!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friendship Walk 2012

Every year the school Nathaniel and Audrey go to have a Walk A Thon to raise funds. This event is always called our friendship walk and this is a few pictures from this year's event.

Nathaniel's class all hyped up to start!

And Audrey's class all hyped up to go!

This year BOTH of my kids walked at the same time (the school is split up into shifts to walk) AND on the same track (again, the shifts are split into two tracks)! I don't know how I got so lucky! It has never happened this way before. But the cool thing with that is that I got pictures of the kids together!

Nathaniel was still waiting for his back surgery, and in A LOT of pain, so he did the walk a thon in his chair, his little body just couldn't have done it otherwise. This is cute to me, as his sister is helping him out, and his best friend is "jogging" with them. Great teamwork!

Audrey seemed to think it was a bit warm... I told her she didn't need to wear tights, but what do I know!

Two of the most AWESOME teachers on campus! Mrs. C and Mrs. C (Mrs. Cameou on the left, Audrey's teacher, and Mrs. Cappellano on the right, Nathaniel's teacher)

Audrey's burst of energy!

And Nathaniel with his own burst of energy!

All in all a great day of fun and friends!