Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Treasure Sale at Simply Soares Creating 4 Care!

Shameless plug to follow... but hey folks, I gotta figure out how to pay the bills!!!

Did you know that I support myself and the kids through my creative skills and a business I run from home??

No? Well I do!

If you hop on over HERE you will find out all about Simply Soares Creating 4 Care!

One branch of this endeavor is the custom sewing and alterations that I do from the house, and I have been HOPPING busy this summer. Which is great, but it is also HARD since the kids are home from school and I don't get much uninterrupted creating time!

Another branch of this endeavor is my Etsy Shop that is sell already made creations in. I have some fun stuff over there, and if you havent' checked it out before you should hop on over there and see what's happening. Even if you have checked it out before, you should still hop on over, because things change around there A LOT! (Can't turn my creativity off you know!)

With all of the odds* stacking up against me, I think it is time to promote the HECK out of the Etsy shop and find some treasures new homes! So I though we would try a Tuesday Treasures Sale! Each Tuesday I am going to feature one of the items in my Etsy Shop and put it on sale. You can find out about each weeks Tuesday Treasure Sale either on the Creating 4 Care blog or on our Facebook page ! Sign up to follow on one or both of those to keep in the know!

Wanna be in the know for what is featured today???

Isn't it beautiful??? I think so! And I think it would make a great addition to some one's home... know someone who would love it? PLEASE pass on the sale information!!!

If you made it this far THANK YOU!!
We love you and your support of our little struggling family!

**(What odds you ask? Well I live in a state that keeps chopping away on services for special needs children, I am hearing rumblings of our SSI getting attacked if the silly lawmakers can't put on their big kid panties and figure things out, the cost of medical supplies keeps going Up Up Up and the father to my darling children hasn't paid full child support in over 8 months... things are getting TIGHT around here and I am NOT liking it! But I still get to write the check for medical supplies and rent on the first of every month no matter what (and those checks are pretty much even to each other!) )

Friday, July 22, 2011

Project Surf Camp 7.16.2011

Our summer is in FULL swing and let me tell you, the magic is HAPPENING around here!!
Our summer doesn't really start until Project Surf Camp starts...
This IS our summer family.
And oh how I LOVE these people!
Summer flings abound!
(Audrey SWEARS she and Ian are getting married... every summer!)

Happy kids that will comply so that they get to surf!

And lasting friendships that get renewed each time we hit ht beach!

Project Surf Camp is about empowering, about broadening horizons, and about breaking down boundaries.

But mostly.... Mostly it is all about the MAGIC.
Can't you SEE the magic in those smiles??

Water breaks down the boundaries, and equalizes these special kids in so many ways...

But really... it's all about that smile to me!

My fearless little man!

Standing up again!!!
Take THAT Spina Bifida!

And Audrey is not sloucher either... she is AMAZING out there!

So I am going to over kill the pictures...

But I can't just choose one!

They all make my heart SING!

And bring a tear or two to my eye!

But mostly....

This kids are just....

Too danged CUTE!!! not to post the pictures!

I don't think Nat and Annette are new friends...

I mean friends don't smile like that do they????

We are SO BLESSED that PSC is back under way, and now that I am on the Board of Directors my kids get to surf like daily!!! How blessed am I? I get the honor of serving an organization that I LOVE and by serving my kids get to surf whenever they want??? Is there any loosing here? Because I don't see it!

You HAVE to take a minute and check out these video clips.

Don't forget, Nathaniel has Spina Bifida!

And Audrey?? WOW!! She is killing it out there!

If you want to see all 100+ edited pictures check them out HERE!

Swimming in Paradise!

We have been swimming A LOT this summer....
But when we have an open ended invitation to swim in paradise anytime we want, why not?

I can not believe what little water bugs my kids have turned into this summer!

Nat has always been a water bug, but Audrey has blown my mind this summer. From won't let go of the wall to swimming across the pool alone in a day! I just can not believe how strong she is getting!

And Nat... that boy LOVES water!
(as if you couldn't tell by his surfing, diving, etc...)

So far it has been a summer of chillin' pool side at my dear friend's house...

And WHO could resist??
Not me, that is for sure.

I get to hang with my beautiful friend and catch up,
my kids play nearby in the pool (my watching them every second of course!)
In a BEAUTIFUL setting,
And the best part is that we go home TIRED,
which means more rest from momma!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blues Games

A few weeks ago, my parents took the kids and I to a Blues Baseball game in San Luis Obispo.

It has been YEARS since I have had the kids at one of these games.
(Like seriously, Audrey was still in the Ergo last time we went! Could have something to do with me HATING crowds of people.... but still!)

I had forgotten how much Nathaniel LOVES going to these games!
He was totally riveted to it the WHOLE game!
Audrey, not so much, but we still had fun!

Our crew... Audrey (don't ask me why she HAD to wear a winter hat when it was like 80 degrees out!), Nathaniel, his helper Matt, Gramie and Papa... all out for a fun night of baseball!

The smiles boys.... all night long!

And the silliest girl in town!
Are you kidding me??? It was HOT and she is bundled up in a fleece lined sweatshirt, a winter hat, and a glove(?!?!) on her head..... CRAZY child!

Must remember... cheap, easy, fun summer outing with the kids!

(for you locals, you know kids get in FREE every game EXCEPT the ones that they do fireworks at, right?)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crazy Hair Day!

The week after the recital was Crazy Week at Studio @

Monday is Audrey's class day and it was Crazy Hair Day...

Audrey had LOTS of ideas about what she wanted to do that was crazy...
She finally settled on:
Pony Tails Everywhere
Purple Tips
Funny Curled Ribbon

I think it DEFINITELY qualified as CRAZY!

But it was lots of fun too!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Class Picnic & Nat's Class Bday Celebration!

Here is more blogging....
The last week of school Nathaniel's class always goes to the park for a class party, and this is when I send goodies to celebrate his birthday with his school friends (summer birthday!).
But what do you do when you FORGET about the picnic and over sleep your alarm???
Why throw on your Super Mom cape,
Bake up some cupcakes,
Break out the Cricut for toppers,
 and bribe the youngest to help you,
of course!

Needless to say,
the cupcakes went to school still warm.
Powdered sugar is WAY faster, and much more successful topping on hot cupcakes than frosting.
And simple toppers sometimes ROCK!

So simple that the machine cut them,
Audrey begged the neighbor for toothpicks for them,
then she assembled them too while I got Nat ready for school!

Go Team Soares!

After all of that, I BARELY made it to the park before they left..
(the last few weeks before school got out were CRAZY!!!!)
So I only got a few quick pictures.

The two lone girls in Nat's class this year.... poor things!

The picnic looked like there was yumminess to be had by all!

And OF COURSE I had to torture the class for a group shot :)
I mean, what kind of super mom would I be if I didn't do that???

Nat and his buds...
I love these guys!


Studio @ Dance Recital

Studio @ Dance Recital

Audrey joined a new dance studio this past spring, so we participated in her first recital with this studio recently. It was a fun experience.

All of the pictures are from the end of the show, but there is a fun video at the end!

Audrey and her friend Cheyenne in the final bow.

The whole group in the finale!

After the show, I gave Audrey a necklace of a ballerina instead of flowers (I thought it might last longer!)

Some of the pictures came out interesting, but I still think they are cute (or maybe the subject is just so darned cute!).

I think the necklace was a hit!

Brianna helped her get it right on!

What a beauty..... In my humble opinion!

Audrey with her instructor Ryan, who owns the studio.

He is a GREAT guy with an amazing attitude!

The two dancers in the family. Audrey was so excited that Josie was not in the recital this time so she actually got to watch Audrey dance.

And after the show, Audrey and Gramie.

This is a fun little video of one of the two numbers that Audrey was in.