Saturday, July 16, 2011

Class Picnic & Nat's Class Bday Celebration!

Here is more blogging....
The last week of school Nathaniel's class always goes to the park for a class party, and this is when I send goodies to celebrate his birthday with his school friends (summer birthday!).
But what do you do when you FORGET about the picnic and over sleep your alarm???
Why throw on your Super Mom cape,
Bake up some cupcakes,
Break out the Cricut for toppers,
 and bribe the youngest to help you,
of course!

Needless to say,
the cupcakes went to school still warm.
Powdered sugar is WAY faster, and much more successful topping on hot cupcakes than frosting.
And simple toppers sometimes ROCK!

So simple that the machine cut them,
Audrey begged the neighbor for toothpicks for them,
then she assembled them too while I got Nat ready for school!

Go Team Soares!

After all of that, I BARELY made it to the park before they left..
(the last few weeks before school got out were CRAZY!!!!)
So I only got a few quick pictures.

The two lone girls in Nat's class this year.... poor things!

The picnic looked like there was yumminess to be had by all!

And OF COURSE I had to torture the class for a group shot :)
I mean, what kind of super mom would I be if I didn't do that???

Nat and his buds...
I love these guys!



krousehouse said...

You are super mom, and creative too. Poor Charlie would be handing out store cupcakes with a princess theme or something if I had been in your shoes.

Jamie said...

Way to go! Those look yummy!

Amy P said...

Congrats! you won the lavender sachet giveaway on my blog! Please email me your address and sachet choice and I will mail it right away :)
amypytlik at yahoo dot com