Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Treasure Sale at Simply Soares Creating 4 Care!

Shameless plug to follow... but hey folks, I gotta figure out how to pay the bills!!!

Did you know that I support myself and the kids through my creative skills and a business I run from home??

No? Well I do!

If you hop on over HERE you will find out all about Simply Soares Creating 4 Care!

One branch of this endeavor is the custom sewing and alterations that I do from the house, and I have been HOPPING busy this summer. Which is great, but it is also HARD since the kids are home from school and I don't get much uninterrupted creating time!

Another branch of this endeavor is my Etsy Shop that is sell already made creations in. I have some fun stuff over there, and if you havent' checked it out before you should hop on over there and see what's happening. Even if you have checked it out before, you should still hop on over, because things change around there A LOT! (Can't turn my creativity off you know!)

With all of the odds* stacking up against me, I think it is time to promote the HECK out of the Etsy shop and find some treasures new homes! So I though we would try a Tuesday Treasures Sale! Each Tuesday I am going to feature one of the items in my Etsy Shop and put it on sale. You can find out about each weeks Tuesday Treasure Sale either on the Creating 4 Care blog or on our Facebook page ! Sign up to follow on one or both of those to keep in the know!

Wanna be in the know for what is featured today???

Isn't it beautiful??? I think so! And I think it would make a great addition to some one's home... know someone who would love it? PLEASE pass on the sale information!!!

If you made it this far THANK YOU!!
We love you and your support of our little struggling family!

**(What odds you ask? Well I live in a state that keeps chopping away on services for special needs children, I am hearing rumblings of our SSI getting attacked if the silly lawmakers can't put on their big kid panties and figure things out, the cost of medical supplies keeps going Up Up Up and the father to my darling children hasn't paid full child support in over 8 months... things are getting TIGHT around here and I am NOT liking it! But I still get to write the check for medical supplies and rent on the first of every month no matter what (and those checks are pretty much even to each other!) )


{april kennedy} said...

I just purchased something!! I added a message to seller....just want to make sure you see it! yippee.