Saturday, July 16, 2011

Studio @ Dance Recital

Studio @ Dance Recital

Audrey joined a new dance studio this past spring, so we participated in her first recital with this studio recently. It was a fun experience.

All of the pictures are from the end of the show, but there is a fun video at the end!

Audrey and her friend Cheyenne in the final bow.

The whole group in the finale!

After the show, I gave Audrey a necklace of a ballerina instead of flowers (I thought it might last longer!)

Some of the pictures came out interesting, but I still think they are cute (or maybe the subject is just so darned cute!).

I think the necklace was a hit!

Brianna helped her get it right on!

What a beauty..... In my humble opinion!

Audrey with her instructor Ryan, who owns the studio.

He is a GREAT guy with an amazing attitude!

The two dancers in the family. Audrey was so excited that Josie was not in the recital this time so she actually got to watch Audrey dance.

And after the show, Audrey and Gramie.

This is a fun little video of one of the two numbers that Audrey was in.