Saturday, July 9, 2011

Class Play!

It is time for more

Before the school year ended Audrey's pod put on a play called Character Matters.

In this play Fairy Tale Characters such as
Goldielocks and the Three Bears

The Wolf and Pigs...

Cinderella and her mice

(check out the mouse in the first row on the right... that would be Audrey :) )

The Mirrors on the Wall (from Snow White)

Humpty Dumpty and His Men

Prince Charming, the Witch and Rapunzel

And of course Princesses
Taught us why character matters!

This is a very well put together and fun play. I loved it when Nathaniel was in it, and I still love it!

It was REALLY hard for me to see Audrey, so I didn't get many pictures of her.

But I took LOTS of her friends!
First there is Princess Kaia who kept me laughing the WHOLE time!
Then there was Princess Rebbecca who played the part to a T!
And Princess Hannah, who's smile was so cute!

Afterwards I finally got some pictures of Audrey and her friends!

Here is Cinderella and her cutest Mouse!

And I am going to torture you with two video clips....
The first one is Audrey's group's song
And this final one is the finalle song

Hope you enjoyed this little tour through why Character Matters!