Friday, July 15, 2011

PSC 7.15

It is that ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL time of year again....
It's time for Project Surf Camp!!!!

We were signed up to surf Wednesday, but there was a shark sighting, so camp got canceled that day. BIG boo hoo to that silly shark for being in OUR surf spot! Ha.

But this morning I got a text from the director saying that there was an opening and would my kids like to come surf. Audrey had a FULL day of dance rehearsals for the recital tonight, but Matt was scheduled to work with Nat and Matt is a life guard... so I decided to let Matt take Nat surfing. Now if you know me you know that this is a HUGE deal for me. To let my special man in the ocean without me there watching??? BIG DEAL. But I LOVE and TRUST the PSC staff, and I totally trust Matt, so I said a prayer and sent the boys on their way. Thankfully my dear Traci was around to send me some pictures of the day!

One of the new things we had at PSC this summer, is use of the beach chair from the city! What a blessing. Would would LOVE to build some beach chairs for PSC to always use, but in the name of economy, we were able to borrow the city of Morro Bay's beach chair for almost all of our camps this year. What a HUGE savings on this mamma's back since my boy is now over 80 pounds!

Nat and Matt surfing together for the first time... looks like they got it all figured out fast!

Such a strong boy! It might LOOK easy, but really this takes a LOT of coordination and strength!

LOVE this shot!

And of course, nothing better than summer buds hanging out after surfing!

That Nat and Matt could go surfing turned out to be such a blessing. I was able to hang with Audrey all day at dance, and Nat wasn't there. So that night, at the recital, he had not already seen it all day long and he sat and watched the WHOLE show without complaining once! I love it when things work out this well!