Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blues Games

A few weeks ago, my parents took the kids and I to a Blues Baseball game in San Luis Obispo.

It has been YEARS since I have had the kids at one of these games.
(Like seriously, Audrey was still in the Ergo last time we went! Could have something to do with me HATING crowds of people.... but still!)

I had forgotten how much Nathaniel LOVES going to these games!
He was totally riveted to it the WHOLE game!
Audrey, not so much, but we still had fun!

Our crew... Audrey (don't ask me why she HAD to wear a winter hat when it was like 80 degrees out!), Nathaniel, his helper Matt, Gramie and Papa... all out for a fun night of baseball!

The smiles boys.... all night long!

And the silliest girl in town!
Are you kidding me??? It was HOT and she is bundled up in a fleece lined sweatshirt, a winter hat, and a glove(?!?!) on her head..... CRAZY child!

Must remember... cheap, easy, fun summer outing with the kids!

(for you locals, you know kids get in FREE every game EXCEPT the ones that they do fireworks at, right?)