Saturday, July 9, 2011

Second Grade Trip to the Zoo!

It was very interesting having Audrey in Pod B this year at school. We did Pod B for 3 straight years with Nathaniel because he was in a first, second and third grade combo class for those three years, and that class was in Pod B. So when Nathaniel finally moved onto fourth grade, I though we were done with Pod B! But then along comes Audrey and guess what? Yup, she got a Pod B teacher! Not that was bad, it was just kinda funny to me.

 So we did Character Matters again (you can see Nat vs. Audrey)

And LOTS of the same projects.

And of course the end of the year Zoo trip!

The group of second graders Audrey is in is HUGE, which means there are never many seats on the bus for parents to go on field trips. I had signed up to go on a few this year, but either my name did not come up in the drawing, or something came up (like Nathaniel in the hospital on the day of the "as many parents as want to come can come" trip... sigh). So Audrey was REALLY bugging me to go on this trip... and thankfully my name got pulled out of that little hat to go!

Audrey was THRILLED that I got to go with them....
Me? I did it because I am a good mom!
(even if a bazillion little brats sweet second graders running around drives my to drinking!)

It might have been blazing hot,
And I might have threaten my group that they belonged in cages on display,
And I could have even taken pictures of them on display.
But overall it was a fun day,
And I am glad we got to go together!