Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day of Discovery, Scuba Diving for Special Needs Kids


Yesterday we went on a GRAND adventure!

Nathaniel, Audrey, Brianna and myself joined Nathaniel's friend Jacob and his family at Monterey Bay Aquarium, where the boys got to participate in Day of Discover, Scuba Diving for Special Needs Kids. We were absolutely blessed that we were able to arrange for Jacob and Nathaniel to do this together to celebrate Nat's 11th birthday.

The waiting was the hardest part I think...

Then it was time to get ready!! Fun times!
These were Nathaniel's two helpers... Shannon and John.

After the divers were all geared up, it was time to head down to the dive pad! Nat got a special ride since he did not wear his braces to dive and he can't walk without them!

Finishing getting gear on in the water....

Nope.. this kid is not having fun. Not at all....
Just look at that smile. It tells everything!

Nathaniel and Jacob checking each other out in the water.

Nathaniel's Grandpa (know as Papa in our home) has an underwater camera. He was kind enough to loan it to Nathaniel for the day. Shannon took some great pictures and video with it... this is one of them!

Jacob was a little fish.... I thought we were never going to get him out of the water! But I am so glad he had so much fun!!

And if the look on this face says anything I think Nathaniel was right up there in the fun ranking too!

At first Nat was happy to be in the water... no masks on.

Then he graduated to a mask and snorkel....
But I really wanted him to try a tank! I thought he would really like it.

But then he asked for the tank!!!

I forgot to tell his helpers that Nathaniel will automatically say "no" to everything the first time. (for example: "Nat want some ice cream?" "No." wait a few beats... "Nat did you want some ice cream?" "Yes Mommy, of course I do!" sigh...) In this program they never force the kids to do something that they don't want Nat didn't have a tank for awhile because he said no. Then he asked for one.

And once he had that tank...  it was all over.

 He LOVED it and we hardly ever saw his face above water again!

This picture cracked me up.
He has an air tank on, his face under water and is not paying the least bit of attention to you.. Why are you talking behind your hand like you are telling secrets???

I also thought it was funny that I ended up with this picture of Shannon taking....

These pictures!

I personally too over 250 pictures this day....

And Nat's camera had another 30 or so.....

And Audrey took some pictures too....

Not to mention the ones Jacob's mom took.....

So if you think this post is FULL of pictures....

Just imagine....


There could be!!!!!

And the fun is over....time to take it all back off!

Even if he really wasn't ready to be done!!

This video clip is one of the ones the helpers took of the boys. They were in the water with them, so it is a bit bouncy, but still very cute!

This is another one from the helpers.....

This video I actually took of Nathaniel from the observation deck.
I am actually THRILLED with how well my little camera did videoing from that distance!
And this last one is Nathaniel being silly.
That little laugh of his could be heard all afternoon!

And the sign of a successful outing???
In the car, on the way home:
Nathaniel: "So mom, can we come back tomorrow or next week to do this again?"
I think it will be a LONG wait till next summer! :)

Very cool program! I would definately recomend checking it out if you are a special needs parent and in the area :)


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