Friday, July 22, 2011

Project Surf Camp 7.16.2011

Our summer is in FULL swing and let me tell you, the magic is HAPPENING around here!!
Our summer doesn't really start until Project Surf Camp starts...
This IS our summer family.
And oh how I LOVE these people!
Summer flings abound!
(Audrey SWEARS she and Ian are getting married... every summer!)

Happy kids that will comply so that they get to surf!

And lasting friendships that get renewed each time we hit ht beach!

Project Surf Camp is about empowering, about broadening horizons, and about breaking down boundaries.

But mostly.... Mostly it is all about the MAGIC.
Can't you SEE the magic in those smiles??

Water breaks down the boundaries, and equalizes these special kids in so many ways...

But really... it's all about that smile to me!

My fearless little man!

Standing up again!!!
Take THAT Spina Bifida!

And Audrey is not sloucher either... she is AMAZING out there!

So I am going to over kill the pictures...

But I can't just choose one!

They all make my heart SING!

And bring a tear or two to my eye!

But mostly....

This kids are just....

Too danged CUTE!!! not to post the pictures!

I don't think Nat and Annette are new friends...

I mean friends don't smile like that do they????

We are SO BLESSED that PSC is back under way, and now that I am on the Board of Directors my kids get to surf like daily!!! How blessed am I? I get the honor of serving an organization that I LOVE and by serving my kids get to surf whenever they want??? Is there any loosing here? Because I don't see it!

You HAVE to take a minute and check out these video clips.

Don't forget, Nathaniel has Spina Bifida!

And Audrey?? WOW!! She is killing it out there!

If you want to see all 100+ edited pictures check them out HERE!


Summers Family said...

SO awesome!! I can't wait until Annabelle is big enough to join the fun. I'm so happy your kids had a blast.

Katie said...

Way to go Audrey and Nat!!! Wish I could be there for some of that summer fun! You guys look great out there!