Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mega Sports Camp

During the week of July 12-15th I was blessed and honored to be able to be part of our church's Mega Sports Camp again this year! Actually our whole family got to be part of camp this year and it was a BLAST to hang out with everyone.

I had the honor of taking pictures this year, so there might be quiet a few... although I did pick through them for this post so there weren't the 500 I gave out children's ministry director!

This year Brianna taught the preschool class.... .ALONE!

And she did a great job :)

Josie, again, co-coached the cheer leading group.

And Nathaniel played some basketball!

Which was cool, since he loves hoops so much!

Josie also helped with the worship at the beginning and end of each day.

 Audrey was also in the cheer leading group

Faline was.... a go-for I think :) She helped out where ever help was needed!

Nathaniel invited his buddy, Jacob, and Jacob's family and they were able to attend! This is Ryan (Jacob's brother), Nathaniel and Jacob during worship one day.
Audrey invited her friend Kaia.... silly girl!

Here is Josie and the Children's Ministry Director, Brandie.... TRYING to remember the dance moves that went with the songs on the first day...they DID have them down pat by the end of the week!




I liked!

Super cute, best buds!




Some of the precious servants that helped out daily. I LOVE the servants of our church!

Two of Audrey's favorite men. I feel so blessed that she has great men to look up to at church since she doesn't at home. I feel blessed that these to indulge her antics! (even if I have to remind her weekly that I can NOT marry them, since they are both already spoken for... can't get her to understand that one!)





One thing everyone learned this year... It does not pay to be grumpy at worship... Josie will kidnap you, pull you and stage and MAKE you dance! As Audrey learned here!

And this little guy just melts my heart... he is SO DANGED CUTE!!!!
 I couldn't help taking pictures of him as he "helped" too.

I feel so blessed to have been able to spend the week hanging out with wonderful people, sharing God's love with tons of kids, and having a great time!

Thanks Brandie for letting our family be part of Mega Sports Camp again this year!