Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure

There is a special Tuesday's Treasure sale going on over at our Etsy Shop...

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(cuz we all love coupon codes right???)

May your Tuesday be BLESSED!!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Audrey's Special Day!

Audrey is my little Jesus girl. She LIVES for Jesus. She LOVES to tell people about Jesus. She LOVES to sing (and dance) praise and worship. And she just has a heart for people. When Audrey found out that our church was having a baptism this weekend she REALLY wanted to get baptised, so all the world would know she belongs to Jesus (in her words). I wasn't sure that we could make the classes, but she seemed to be able to convince Pastor Randy and Miss Brandie that she didn't need baptism classes, she knew all about it.

So we were very blessed that Audrey was able to take part in the summer baptism with 6 other members of our church family.

The whole time Audrey just radiated joy and enthusiasm about what she was doing. She was SO EXCITED to be able to do this with our church. Just look at that face... such pure joy!

Here she is with Pastor Randy while he is praying for her. She cracks me up during prayer... she NEVER closes her eyes while praying. She says that Jesus might come back while we are talking to him in prayer and she doesn't want to miss that for anything. So sweet!

Randy did play with her a bit... every time he said "ready?" she would take a HUGE breath and blow her cheeks out. It was so funny... and I guess Randy thought so too, because he said ready like 5 times to her! We were all laughing!

But he did finally dunk her!

And she popped right up with a HUGE smile on her face. She latter told me that it felt like Jesus was raining love into her heart so she could give more away and she couldn't wait to give it away. Sweet.

And here are our 7 new brothers and sisters in Christ, with Pastor Randy, after everyone had been baptised.

What a sweet and special day. I know I will remember it for years to come, and I hope it continues ot always be special for Audrey!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kids Free Time!

I love my children dearly...
But there are times that I just need a bit of grown up time away from them.
There are times that I just need a bit of uninterrupted work time.
And there are times I just need a BREAK!

Thankfully this weekend I was invited to an event that I was able to have a bunch of grown up time, to work on things I needed to get done and that supported a great cause! What could be better???

So Friday night I got to go craft, create and hang out with grown up girls for a few hours. Then Saturday I got to go do the same thing ALL DAY! 12 whole hours away from the kids, hanging out and working. AND they fed us too! Fed us really well at that!

I was able to get through a BUNCH of pictures and get them edited. Think I went through over 1000 pictures on my computer! Ditched the bad ones, edited and touched up the good ones, and posted them to the sites that they needed to go to (most of what I worked with were from VBS, so they needed to get posted to the church page, a few were personal ones that got back dated on the blog.)

I also wanted to spend some time working on some new product for my Etsy Shop. I have all these ideas running around my head, and a bunch of new supplies that needed made up, but keep running out of time. So I was able to work on some of the things for the shop this weekend too. Overall, I was very pleased with how much I got done, and how relaxed I felt after a kids free evening followed by a kids free day.

These are all the things I got done for the Etsy Shop this weekend... now I wonder how long it will get me to get it all listed!

3 embellished tank tops,
6 braided 5 strand headbands (super cool, made out of old tee shirts!)
4 clippie sets
and 4 Halloween bobby sets!

I am so thankful for Janet for inviting me, and Matt and Bri for hanging with the kids so I could go!

This is JUST what this momma needed!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School 2011!

It has been an AMAZING summer, but I am glad to say that today was the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

Over the summer we transitioned Nathaniel to cloth diapers (specially desgined for him to look like skivies!). It was a big change for us, but one I am SO HAPPY about. After 11+ years of disposable diapers with him I was DONE with disposable. For  weeks now I have been thinking about the soaker pads that get changed out of his skivies every 2.5 hours and how we were going to transport them back and forth to school discreatly.  In my brain I designed this system, but I kept forgetting to make it! So I was madly sewing soaker bags last night, because of course my kids always get bumped to the bottom of the sewing list! Thankfully they went together just as I planned them and I whipped them out very quickly! (and for any of those who want to know, I used a double layer of rip stop nylon (which is water resistant) on the inside, and a cute cotton print on the outside. They close with a zipper and the zipper tab wraps around a button on either side to tell us whether they are clean or dirty. I am looking forward to see how this works!)

While I was sewing away, Audrey was busy making this super cute card for her new teacher! I think she did an adorable job and I am so glad that she is excited about her new teacher!

I ALWAYS take first day of school pictures. I guess my kids know that. Everytime I called their names this is what they did. Brats!

I finally got this one after I told them I wouldn't take them to school until I got a decent picture that I liked!

Guess they didn't want recess restriction on the first day!

I finally got this one after offering dessert for a PERFECT picture!
Guess I better figure out a sugar free dessert for them tonight!

And jsut in case you thought I forgot the big girls... here they are too!

While the kids were busy at school stuffing their brains full, this momma took a play day! I don't do it often, but today I just needed it! My friend Cassey and I went for Mani/Pedis this morning, then I snuck in a fitting with another friend in town, and then I topped the day off with lunch with my dear dear soul sister Lisa. And we discovered the MOST DIVINE Esspresso Cheesecake..... ahh, yum!

Then I got home in plen ty of time to get coming off of the bus pictures!

Both kids were super excited about their days, and love their teachers, so I think we are off to a FABULOUS school year!

How did your kids do on their first days this year?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Tuesday!!!!

That means it is time for Tuesday Treasure Sale at my store!!!!

Check out this week's special item HERE!

Time to get back to the sewing machine now.....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fresh Canned Yummies.....

I recently posted a question on Facebook asking if anyone would be interested in purchasing some homemade, fresh canned products from me, and the response was very positive! I thought I would write a quick post about this, so everyone can see what we have, and go from there!

Our family has ben very blessed to receive large quantise of can able food recently, and I have been hard at work canning, but it has come to my attention that we have A LOT of food, and probably way more than our little family could use. I have been giving some of this to friends, but then I realized that it could be a way to supplement our dwindling income. With the money we generate from this I hope to be able to buy the foods that we don't receive free. Please realize this is food I can personally canned, and would use with my family, but I am NOT a licensed food distributor!

All of the produce used is either fresh picked fruits and vegetables, or surplus grocery produce. I will try to distinguish what is what with each picture.

In order to have my continual jar supply I am asking for a $1.00 jar/ring deposit on all 1/2 pint jars, and a $2.00 jar/ring deposit on pint and quart jars. You will receive your deposit back when you return the empty jars and rings OR you can avoid this fee but bringing me empty jars and rings when you pick up your goodies!

This is what I currently have available:

Stewed Tomatoes (Pint, canned 8/2010)
Surplus tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, celery and seasoning
$5.50 + jar deposit

Mild Salsa (1/2 pint, canned 8/2010)
Surplus tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, cilantro and spices
$4.00 + jar deposit

Marinara Sauce (Quart jars, 8/2010)
Surplus tomatoes, carrots, onions, celery, spices
$7.00 + jar deposit

Tomato Sauce (pint, 8/2010)
Surplus tomatoes, onions, spices
$5.50 + jar deposit

Fresh TODAY!!!
Banana Butter (1/2 pint, 8/2011)
It's like jam, but made with banans... SUPER yummy (I think it would be GREAT on ice cream too!)
Surplus fruit.
$4.00 + jar deposit

Apple Butter (1/2 pint, canned 10/10)
Tree picked fruit
$4.00 + jar deposit

Pear Butter (1/2 pint, canned 10/10)
Surplus Fruit
$4.00 + jar deposit

No Sugar Added Plum Jam/Syrup (1/2 pint 8/2009)
Tree picked Fruit
$3.00 SALE due to date!

Apple Pie Filling (Quart, 8/2010)
Tree pick fruit
$7.00 + jar deposit

Peach Blueberry Pie Filling (quart, 8/2011)
Tree picked fruit, regular sugar.
$7.00 + jar deposit

Peach Pie Filling (quart, 8/2011)
Tree picked fruit, regular sugar
$7.00 + jar deposit

Apple Sauce (pint, 8/2010)
Tree picked fruit, regular sugar
$5.00 + jar deposit

If you are interested please leave a comment and let me know what you would like.

I will update as things sell, or I can new stuff!

Thank you for supporting our family!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure Sale 8.16.11

Today's Tuesday's Treasure Sale is a BEAUTIFUL, handmade, twin sized quilt!

Perfect for any room, and a great variety of fabrics in it!

And I think this is the best Tuesday's Treasure Sale yet.....

This great quilt, regularly priced at $160.00 and $15.00 shipping can be all yours for just $140.00 AND FREE SHIPPING!!!

What a steal!

Go HERE for it quick before someone else gets it!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Designing my Heart Today

I had my jewelry making tools and toys out today to complete a few orders that I had piled up.

 After making some beautiful pieces for some dear friends I really wanted to create something new. I have been toying with an idea for a new piece for the Spina Bifida Awareness line that I really wanted to make.

You see, when many of us SB parents received the news that we had a child with Spina Bifida we did not hear medical professionals telling us encouraging things. Many of us heard worst case scenarios. Some of us were lucky enough to just get "we don't know"s. But I don't think any of us learned how BLESSED we would be by our special children! And that is what I wanted this new piece to focus on... the BLESSING of Spina Bifida!

Because I have a child with Spina Bifida I am...

 BLESSED to have a charismatic son who has spirit and strength to overcome ANYTHING life throws at him.

BLESSED to watch my son prove doctors, therapists and other medical professionals wrong daily.

BLESSED to have a special group of friends that I doubt I would have met otherwise.

BLESSED to be completely, 100% dependant on the Lord ALL THE TIME.

BLESSED to be involved in FABULOUS organizations like Project Surf Camp, Spina Bifida Kids, Day of Discovery and the likes which are FILLED with passionate, encouraging people who dare to dream big like I do for my child!

BLESSES to be mommy to a miracle every single day, even when that miracle has me wanting to disown him, I still have him here on earth!

So what do you think of this new piece???

I personally LOVE it! But I want to hear your thoughts too....

Need this piece?? Go HERE to order it!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Treasure Sale!

It's Tuesday again!

How DOES time fly so fast???

But you should be happy that it is Tuesday again, because that means we have a NEW Treasure Sale item!!!

Hurry now and check it out HERE!

Remember, every purchase at Simply Soares Creating 4 Care goes to help pay for the care and support of my special needs son! So not only are you getting great quality at a fabulous price, you are supporting a special family! And we thank you for that support!