Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kids Free Time!

I love my children dearly...
But there are times that I just need a bit of grown up time away from them.
There are times that I just need a bit of uninterrupted work time.
And there are times I just need a BREAK!

Thankfully this weekend I was invited to an event that I was able to have a bunch of grown up time, to work on things I needed to get done and that supported a great cause! What could be better???

So Friday night I got to go craft, create and hang out with grown up girls for a few hours. Then Saturday I got to go do the same thing ALL DAY! 12 whole hours away from the kids, hanging out and working. AND they fed us too! Fed us really well at that!

I was able to get through a BUNCH of pictures and get them edited. Think I went through over 1000 pictures on my computer! Ditched the bad ones, edited and touched up the good ones, and posted them to the sites that they needed to go to (most of what I worked with were from VBS, so they needed to get posted to the church page, a few were personal ones that got back dated on the blog.)

I also wanted to spend some time working on some new product for my Etsy Shop. I have all these ideas running around my head, and a bunch of new supplies that needed made up, but keep running out of time. So I was able to work on some of the things for the shop this weekend too. Overall, I was very pleased with how much I got done, and how relaxed I felt after a kids free evening followed by a kids free day.

These are all the things I got done for the Etsy Shop this weekend... now I wonder how long it will get me to get it all listed!

3 embellished tank tops,
6 braided 5 strand headbands (super cool, made out of old tee shirts!)
4 clippie sets
and 4 Halloween bobby sets!

I am so thankful for Janet for inviting me, and Matt and Bri for hanging with the kids so I could go!

This is JUST what this momma needed!

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Kylean said...

Love the clippies! SO cute!

Lyssa said...

I couldn't agree more! I love my kids but I need ME time! What a great bunch of stuff! They are so cute!
Thanks for sharing with me!

Paper Bagley said...

Very cute...I have grand daughters that would look cute in your work...I do have a boy on his way so boy stuff is in the makings...Thanks for sharing...Tootsie