Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School 2011!

It has been an AMAZING summer, but I am glad to say that today was the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

Over the summer we transitioned Nathaniel to cloth diapers (specially desgined for him to look like skivies!). It was a big change for us, but one I am SO HAPPY about. After 11+ years of disposable diapers with him I was DONE with disposable. For  weeks now I have been thinking about the soaker pads that get changed out of his skivies every 2.5 hours and how we were going to transport them back and forth to school discreatly.  In my brain I designed this system, but I kept forgetting to make it! So I was madly sewing soaker bags last night, because of course my kids always get bumped to the bottom of the sewing list! Thankfully they went together just as I planned them and I whipped them out very quickly! (and for any of those who want to know, I used a double layer of rip stop nylon (which is water resistant) on the inside, and a cute cotton print on the outside. They close with a zipper and the zipper tab wraps around a button on either side to tell us whether they are clean or dirty. I am looking forward to see how this works!)

While I was sewing away, Audrey was busy making this super cute card for her new teacher! I think she did an adorable job and I am so glad that she is excited about her new teacher!

I ALWAYS take first day of school pictures. I guess my kids know that. Everytime I called their names this is what they did. Brats!

I finally got this one after I told them I wouldn't take them to school until I got a decent picture that I liked!

Guess they didn't want recess restriction on the first day!

I finally got this one after offering dessert for a PERFECT picture!
Guess I better figure out a sugar free dessert for them tonight!

And jsut in case you thought I forgot the big girls... here they are too!

While the kids were busy at school stuffing their brains full, this momma took a play day! I don't do it often, but today I just needed it! My friend Cassey and I went for Mani/Pedis this morning, then I snuck in a fitting with another friend in town, and then I topped the day off with lunch with my dear dear soul sister Lisa. And we discovered the MOST DIVINE Esspresso Cheesecake..... ahh, yum!

Then I got home in plen ty of time to get coming off of the bus pictures!

Both kids were super excited about their days, and love their teachers, so I think we are off to a FABULOUS school year!

How did your kids do on their first days this year?


Jamie said...

Adorable pictures! I hope he loves his big boy undees!