Monday, August 29, 2011

Audrey's Special Day!

Audrey is my little Jesus girl. She LIVES for Jesus. She LOVES to tell people about Jesus. She LOVES to sing (and dance) praise and worship. And she just has a heart for people. When Audrey found out that our church was having a baptism this weekend she REALLY wanted to get baptised, so all the world would know she belongs to Jesus (in her words). I wasn't sure that we could make the classes, but she seemed to be able to convince Pastor Randy and Miss Brandie that she didn't need baptism classes, she knew all about it.

So we were very blessed that Audrey was able to take part in the summer baptism with 6 other members of our church family.

The whole time Audrey just radiated joy and enthusiasm about what she was doing. She was SO EXCITED to be able to do this with our church. Just look at that face... such pure joy!

Here she is with Pastor Randy while he is praying for her. She cracks me up during prayer... she NEVER closes her eyes while praying. She says that Jesus might come back while we are talking to him in prayer and she doesn't want to miss that for anything. So sweet!

Randy did play with her a bit... every time he said "ready?" she would take a HUGE breath and blow her cheeks out. It was so funny... and I guess Randy thought so too, because he said ready like 5 times to her! We were all laughing!

But he did finally dunk her!

And she popped right up with a HUGE smile on her face. She latter told me that it felt like Jesus was raining love into her heart so she could give more away and she couldn't wait to give it away. Sweet.

And here are our 7 new brothers and sisters in Christ, with Pastor Randy, after everyone had been baptised.

What a sweet and special day. I know I will remember it for years to come, and I hope it continues ot always be special for Audrey!