Spina Bifida Awareness; Stories of Hope

One of the passions of my heart with this blog is that parents who are just receiving the Spina Bifida diagnosis, or families seeking support in their Spina Bifida journey can find blogs like this one that gives HOPE for the life of their child.

Even though October and Spina Bifida Awareness Month is over, Tiffany from Growing From the Obstacles still want to continue bringing you a look at what Spina Bifida REALLY is, and the stories of our friends and family who live with it daily!!! We will feature stories of SB families and their journey every Thursday, as long as we have stories to feature! This page is set up to be an easy place to link to all of the stories, and hopefully to give HOPE in the journey anyone is on!

To Tiffany and I Spina Bifida is far more than a Neural Tube Birth Defect, Spina Bifida is merely a way of live for those who live with it. (And BTW, even if that is the proper medical description of Spina Bifida, I still HATE the word defect in it, as that word implies there is something wrong with folks with Spina Bifida and we do NOT believe that! We believe these precious folks were made special for a reason.) I hope you enjoy meeting our family as much as we enjoy the honor of being able to share them with you.

If you want to share your story with us to be featured on this page please see THIS POST on how to submit it!