Friday, October 28, 2011

Spina Bifida Awareness: Meet Gavin!

Today we meet Gavin, through the eyes of his parents!

Family picture after signing adoption papers
Meet our son, Gavin who will be four in December.  Gavin is the light of our lives; he is amazing, wonderful, and smart.
Gavin's back before his surgery
Gavin didn’t come to be a part of our lives in the way a typical child comes to be a part of a family.  Gavin came to us a foster child when he was eight months old.  We took him in to our home knowing absolutely nothing about Spina Bifida, but that didn’t matter because we feel in love with him right away.   By the time Gavin was one and a half we had officially adopted him. 

In court, signing adoption papers
  When Gavin came to us at eight months old he couldn’t do anything.  He couldn’t sit-up, crawl, or roll over.  We had a long road ahead of us, but Gavin was a go getter and didn’t let anything stop him.  Our early intervention program came to our house and worked with him weekly to get him caught up.  Over the next few months he slowly but surely stated crawling, standing, and doing things I was sure would never happen. 

Shortly after Gavin turned two he began walking with his ankle braces.  Thought he wouldn’t walk without a walker but he just up and started walking without any walker.  Now he runs and has just mastered jumping straight up from a standing position.  This summer he also mastered walking up and down our front steps without holding on to anything and figured out how to pedal his three wheeled bike.

This is how he walked when he first got his braces

We could not love Gavin more if he had been born to us.  He is amazing and loves life, having Spina Bifida does not slow him down.  He lives a normal, happy healthy life.  Thanks for being a part of our family, Gavin, we love you.

Picking pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch, this is one of Gavin’s favorite things to do

Thank you for sharing Gavin's story with us here!