Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Picture Fun!

I decided I needed new pictures for the blog header, and with it being October I decided we needed new Redefining SB pictures too, so I made the kids get dressed for a date with the camera. It has been a LONG time since I made them dress up with the express reason of getting pictures, but they still weren't too happy about it! Silly kiddos! So I decided to head to a play ground they like and I like the colors of, and see what I could get....

The kids were being very silly and not too cooperative, but I still felt like a got a few fun shots, what do you think?

Climbing structures? Not a problem anymore! He just marches right up them now!

Even if he isn't too sure what to do once he gets up there! The boy does not like heights!

He did climb out a bit fora picture.
His words were  "This is it mom, this is as far as I am willing to go!"

And he was only willing to go that far to tickle his sister!

Not that I blame him....
She is FUN to tickle!

I told her "smile".....
This is what I got....?!?!

"But mom it's more fun to go up than it is to come down...."

"We aren't supposed to stand up on the slide???"

Pure cuteness!

They weren't cooperating.
I told them to strike a silly pose....
And this is what I got....

I think we need to move AWAY from that pole...
That girl is having way to much fun with it!

"Hey guys, lets go swing."
"Nope Mom. We are done."

"Swings..... for ice cream???"
them in deep discussion over how many scoops they think that they can get out of me!
WHO has to bribe their kids to swing????

And of course once they were on the swings they wouldn't face the same direction!
But I think this was a pretty cool shot of the shirts!



Cute Kids.

I know I am a BIT biased...

But I think they are the cutest kids ever!

But then they just got silly

And sillier....

And silliest!
Time for some ice cream!