Monday, October 10, 2011

A "simple" procedure.....

Nathaniel has needed some dental work done at the hospital....
We were told it as a "simple, routine" procedure....
But I guess NOTHING is simple in the world of Spina Bifida!

The morning started well...
Nat was in good spirits.
I thought I had managed to prepare well for my first real procedure all alone as a single mom. (my mom, who is usually a BIG help is out of town on a sort of forced vacation)

We were even playing with my camera and messaging with Jonathan in Thailand while we waited for Nat's turn in the OR!

Nathaniel went into the OR (only about an hour late!) and the Dr told me he would see me in an hour, two tops.

I headed up to the waiting room to start the long hard haul. (I HATE the waiting!)
Note to self: Not having mom with me means no one to send for coffee while we are waiting!

I worked in the computer editing pictures for a while.... until my lap top died!
That was my first sign that something was up. I usually have a 3+ hour battery life with my laptop, even with messaging Jonathan earlier I should have had plenty of battery life to work for 1-2 hours!

When my computer died I decided to head down to the cafeteria for a bite to eat. There I learned that the hospital we are at had a satellite local of my FAVORITE coffee shop in the cafeteria!! Chia Charger... YES! I was SURE that the OR would call while I was wandering around, but I was wrong.

I went back to the lobby to keep waiting, and decided to read a book on my Nook for a while... Until that died too!! Are you kidding me????

This is when I started freaking out... the one to two hour procedure stretched into FOUR+ hours! Oh my heck!

They FINALLY called me that he was in recovery, and when he first opened his eyes this is the picture that I took and posted to facebook that he was FINALLY out and awake.

The doctor came to talk to us. They did a TON of work. They extracted 5 teeth, two of which were way up in the jaw, but the doctor went after them so we wouldn't have to do this again anytime soon. They put a cap on a tooth he broke. The did a few fillings, some restoration, and some sealants. And they stabilized his front teeth some too. (when Nat was smaller, he vomited 8-10 times a day from birth to 5 years old, when we were finally able to get his throat worked on (blasted insurance!). That paired with a bad genetic card gives my poor baby BAD teeth, even though we brush them like crazy, he flosses all the time, and we use mouth wash like it is water! Poor kid just has the deck stacked against him!)

Nathaniel always wakes up weird from anesthesia so it didn't surprise me that he was vomiting. And they worked on his teeth, so it didn't surprise me that he was vomiting blood. I knew it would be a long wake up time.

After we spent over an hour in recovery and he still wasn't doing better they moved us back to short stay.

He kept vomiting. He couldn't breathe right. His little heart kept racing.

Tiffany brought Audrey to see us at 530, and I realized Nathaniel was still not stable started to dawn on me that we might not be going home tonight, and I started scrambling to make arrangements. After all I am a single mom, and one kid in the hospital means I have to make arrangements for the other one. Not to mention I needed a computer charger, my Nook charger, and by this time my cell phone was dying too, so I needed a cell charger too!

At seven, when he was still not breathing right, his heart was still racing and he was still vomiting blood they decided to admit him for the night. Which of course means I am admitted too, because I am one of those parents who will NOT leave their kid at the hospital alone! Thankfully I have an AWESOME in home staff member that helped Audrey and got her to my AMAZING neighbor's house to spend the night THEN brought me all the stuff I needed at the hospital. Plus, a dear friend and her husband brought me dinner and Nat a toy. Thank you Lord for surrounding me with such great friends.

SO now we are all settled into our little cubicle and ready to try and get some sleep.

But I thought I owed everyone who has been praying with us an update.

Nat is STILL NOT stable. I am praying that a good nights sleep blesses his little body and he wakes up feeling great in the morning... won't you pray with me?

I LOVE you all, and thank you for your kind, uplifting words, for your prayers and for all you have offered to do for us and have done for us. I am BLESSED that our little family is surrounded by such wonderful people!


The Village Stand said...

We will be praying.

The Hughes family,