Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friendship Walk 2012

Every year the school Nathaniel and Audrey go to have a Walk A Thon to raise funds. This event is always called our friendship walk and this is a few pictures from this year's event.

Nathaniel's class all hyped up to start!

And Audrey's class all hyped up to go!

This year BOTH of my kids walked at the same time (the school is split up into shifts to walk) AND on the same track (again, the shifts are split into two tracks)! I don't know how I got so lucky! It has never happened this way before. But the cool thing with that is that I got pictures of the kids together!

Nathaniel was still waiting for his back surgery, and in A LOT of pain, so he did the walk a thon in his chair, his little body just couldn't have done it otherwise. This is cute to me, as his sister is helping him out, and his best friend is "jogging" with them. Great teamwork!

Audrey seemed to think it was a bit warm... I told her she didn't need to wear tights, but what do I know!

Two of the most AWESOME teachers on campus! Mrs. C and Mrs. C (Mrs. Cameou on the left, Audrey's teacher, and Mrs. Cappellano on the right, Nathaniel's teacher)

Audrey's burst of energy!

And Nathaniel with his own burst of energy!

All in all a great day of fun and friends!