Saturday, April 11, 2009

Children's Day in the Plaza 2009

Today was Children's Day in the Plaza here on the Central Coast. We had lots to do there and lots of fun, so I thought we would share some with you!
Butterfly Boutique had a booth showing off our wonderful goodie, and making free fun crafts with the kids that stopped by to see us. Josie and Brianna were a HUGE help with the craft. I think our foam door hanger were a big hit! (especially if you judge by how many we went through :) ) Butterfly did well on selling things too, and made contact with LOTS of prespective new friends
Brianna working the craft table with some participants

Audrey TOTALLY LOVED all of the activities and fun people around!

Brianns, Audrey & Josie: modeling their new BB shirts, and all of Audrey's loot
(do you see how FULL that bag is?? And this was before noon!)

Audrey with her new friends Pooh & Tigger

Also, Central Coast Dance (which is the studio that both Josie and Audrey dance at) did a performance for all in attendance. So, of course, I have to share some fun videos clips and pics!!

Kierra & Audrey getting ready to do their dance, Jazz Hula Baby.
They we so freaking cute!!
Audrey is the one on the right

This is "Tell Me Somehting I Don't Know"
Josie is the tallest girl in the group, she is the one on the left at the begining of the clip. And this dance is her first attempt at choreographing for her group. It shows LOTS of her attitude!

Now I am not really sure why these two clips won't stop kissing, but it is what it is!

The one on the left is Jazz Hula Baby, and Audrey is the dancer and the left. So sweet.

And the clip on the left is Break The Floor, another of Josie's dances. She again is the tallest dancer, the one who starts on the left.

Hope you enjoyed the pics and clips as much as we enjoyed the day!


{april kennedy} said...

Hi Gretchen!

I have tried so many times to leave a comment on your blog and it doesn't acknowledge or provide a word verification. It is the weirdest thing...I'm sure it's me NOT you! haha. I would love to chat with you "off blog". Please email me some time at!

Hope you have a better week. Mine is feeling better!


The Clan Piccini said...

I feel like a proud auntie or something! LOL I was watching the videos and feeling so proud of the girls :o) Jo has gotten so big, must be towering over Faline! LOL and Miss Audrey, SHE's the one with all the attitude... Jo has nothing on her :o)

Miss you guys!