Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Little Something...

 Sometimes it's the little things in life that we have to remember to take the time to do.....

When life is super busy, and you are running from task to task just trying to get it all done, the little things get forgotten... 

Like the really, super horrible, gross curtain that has been hanging on my front door since we moved in.

I have the skills to make a new one.
I have the tools  to make a new one.
I even had the fabric that matches the rest of my living room to make a new one.
I just never found the time to make it!

But admits all of the chaos of yesterday I took 15 minutes....

 And made a new, pretty curtain!

And it sure lifted my spirits up to see something pretty as I go in an out of my house.

And all it took was 15 minutes!

We can do it!
We CAN make time for ourselves.
We CAN do the little things that take so little, but make us feel so good.

I dare you....
I dare you to take a moment for yourself today and do something just for YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

You're amazing! :) Love ya- Heather Reed :)