Tuesday, October 23, 2012

4th Grader's Invention

My daughter, who is in 4th Grade, was given an assignment to make an invention. And the teacher is really big on it being an ORIGINAL invention. I thought this assignment was pretty tough for a 4th grader, but what do I know!

So Audrey looked around the house for a problem that she could solve with her invention. I had to laugh when she told me what she had decided to invent. She said that the biggest problem in our house is messy catheters.... and she is probably pretty right!

It is NOT always this messy, we sort of let them pile up to make a point for the project.

So, my darling daughter, decided to make The Clean Catheter Station for her invention! I am proud of her for trying to help her brother keep his caths cleaned up instead of just always complaining that he messes up their bathroom!

This is what she came up with:

Instructions For Use:
Preparation For Use:
1)                 Put 5 squirts of soap or sanitizer in The Clean Catheter Station
2)                 Fill with water to the “Fill Line”
3)                 Place lid on tightly on The Clean Catheter Station
4)                 The Clean Catheter Station is now ready for use
5)                 After using a catheter, open the pop top lid and insert catheter into The Clean Catheter Station
6)                 Snap the pop top lid shut completely
To Clean Catheters:
7)                 Make sure lids are on securely
8)                 Holding your hand over the lid, shake The Clean Catheter Station for 30 second
9)                 Remove larger lid
10)            Pour catheters into drain station or the sink and rinse completely with hot water
11)            Place catheters on a towel to dry
12)            Rinse out The Clean Catheter Station with hot water.
13)            Use over again by returning to step one, as see above.

Catheter Chaos to CLEAN in one easy step with
The Clean Catheter Station!

My silly, cute and inventive 4th Grader strikes again!