Friday, September 6, 2013

In Memeory of My Angel

Mixed in with all of the blessings of life are all of the abrupt halts, quick U turns and broken dreams. Sometimes these sharp turns that no one expects are the most defining things in our life. They bring us to our knees, make us totally dependent on Him and shape our hearts into who we are. One of the most defining and devastating moments of my life happened 15 years ago today.
15 years ago today I became what no woman every thinks she will be, but far too many are forced to be, I became a mommy to an angel.
My beautiful daughter, Taylor Ann was born on September 6, 1998 and on that same day she went home to glory, leaving this momma with empty arms and a broken heart.
One of the things I look forward to most is the day I get to heaven and ALL of my children and I get to dance together in the presence of our God. The moment when all of my precious children can be held in my arms and loved on at once, for I have never got that joy on earth.
The journey I have taken as a mommy of an angel has taught me so much, more than even I have the ability to put to words. But one thing I know for sure is it has taught me to NEVER take anything for granted! If you love someone, tell them. If someone stands against you, forgive them. If you harm someone, humbly ask their forgiveness. Enjoy the simple glories of life that surround you every day, even in the midst of the storms. We never know how many tomorrows we will be given and who might be missing from those tomorrows.
Never does a day go by that my sweet daughter is far from my thoughts and deep in my heart, but we move on too. Her brother and sisters grow up, meet milestones she will never get to, and we all still remember. One thing that reminds us daily of the depth of her touch in our life is her brother Nathaniel. Had it not been for Taylor's death I KNOW I wouldn't have had the courage and determination to fight for life for Nathaniel, to fight for all that makes him a precious part of our life. Taylor's death gave Nathaniel the gift of life.
Today while we remember our sweet angel, I ask you to love on yours.
Give hugs and kisses.
Dance to imaginary music.
Laugh and giggle.
And count your blessings!
Taylor, you are missed.
You are LOVED beyond words.
You are our treasure.
Happy 15th Birthday sweet  angel Taylor!


Jim Engle said...

Prayers and God's blessings on you and your family. This touched my heart today. I have fond memories of growing up with you and your brothers. You are a great strong person Gretchen :)