Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Positions Available!

Positions Available!

I am SO EXCITED to have all of the funding in place to hire MY OWN staff for Nathaniel and our families needs, but at the same time I am a bit nervous about finding the RIGHT people to hire! Really nervous! The finding came through close to 2 weeks ago. I wrote the ad last week. After MUCH prayer about HOW to advertise the positions, I am finally posting this... HERE! :)

You might think I am crazy, but I have thought and thought about this. I want the information out there, but don't want ten million crazies applying either, so I post it here, and pray that the Lord directs the right people here! I will also be looking for people advertising that they are available (after all they are serious enough to put themselves out there..) and directing them here to find out more about us. This also gives people who know us a chance to share with those they know...Good idea? I guess we will see!

So without further to do....

In Home Care Providers Wanted!

We have openings on our care team! The client is a special 10 year old boy with multiple medical and neurological needs. We are looking for some caring, compassionate and fun loving individuals to join out care team working in our home.

The ideal candidate for these positions would be individuals who:
  • Have a heart for helping
  • Love to play, especially outside and sports!
  • Are willing to learn about and adjust to his "quirks"
  • Can provide constant one on one supervision while working (sorry but distractions like other children, homework, excessive talking or texting on the phone, etc. will not work with this position)
  • Will be willing to be trained on an existing ABA behavioral plan that is in place and carry out the implementation of said plan.
  • Will be willing to be trained on para medical procedures as needed, including but not limited to, catheterizing, and orthopedic brace care and assistance.
  • Be physically able to be safe during occasional physical tantrums.
  • Be accepting of working in our Christian based home.
  • Be able to clear a Department of Justice background screening.
  • Be willing to be contracted through the funding agencies.
We are looking for a combination of 2 to 3 individuals to fill the following shifts:
7:00 am to 8:30 am Mon-Fri
4:30 (or 5) pm to 8:30 pm Mon-Fri (usually latter on Wen)
a 4 hour shift on Sat (pretty flexible on timing here)
and 9:15 to noon 2 Sundays per month

Hours do flex some on school holidays and breaks (we usually use more care during those times, not less!)

Our home is located in Los Osos, and compensation will be $10.00 per hour.

Please respond with a brief description of yourself, the hours you are interested in, any related job experience and the best way to reach you!

Thank you for your interest!


Jamie said...

I hope you find who you are looking for!!