Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Celebrating Taylor

In our family we have a tradition of going to the cemetery where Taylor's grave is to celebrate her on her birthday.

In recent years, Audrey has taken to planning these birthday parties, and this year she did well again!

Audrey helped me bake a cake for Taylor, then she wanted to write messages to Taylor on the cake. I thought it was a cute idea, so we went with it.

Audrey took her writing very seriously...

Nat on the other hand was annoyed to be writing on the cake... he just wanted to eat it!

Sweet messages to Taylor...

Then we all had some cake!

Audrey did a great job of planning Taylor's special day. We had great conversations as a family, we enjoyed some healing time and we had some yummy cake. I really treasure these times, where my kids and I can feel safe talking about their sister that lives in heaven. I feel so much healing and peace in these moments..