Friday, April 13, 2012


59 years of wedded bliss.....

For my grandparents!

The kids and I (all FOUR of them!) decided to take a day trip and go hang out with GGmama and GGpapa for their anniversary. The weather was challenging, tummies were not being nice, but the kids actually behaved and the time we got to spend with them was priceless!

Even after taking GGmama shopping and having dinner, she was still feeling good, so I tortured everyone with the camera!! (cuz that's just what I do!)

The girls... all 4 generations of them!

The boys.... great-grandpa and his great grandson!

Bri and Josie with  their great grandparents... the last living ones they have!

Notice the little girl in the "then" pictures up there.... she has changed a little!
My mom and her parents

And of course, my family and two of the most important people in the world to me!

Every time we get to visit and have good times together like this I feel so blessed! My grandparents have been SO important in my life. I could have NEVER asked for more from them, they are AMAZING people. The last few years have been tough with health challenges and changing lives. My grandfather has a rare form of leukaemia that he has been fighting for 14 years! My grandmother has COPD and has been having a rough time the last year. So with it all, I feel so blessed that we were able to have a great day together yesterday!

Here's looking for more great times in the future!!!

Oh, and we were given a great gift today too.... Grandpa had an appointment with his oncologist, and he was told that he looks good for now! We LOVE these appointments!!!

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!


Tracy Jensen said...

So sweet that is awesome. You're Grandma looks like mine when we take pics...she doesn't look like she loves pics! My grandma will tell us ok no more! :)