Monday, April 9, 2012

A Surprise Visit!

Hello my long lost blog and blog friends!

Oh how I have missed you!!

I am speechless that I have managed to go over two months without writing... I guess life has been BUSY, to say the least. But fear not, for I am BACK!!!!

Today I wanted to share about a surprise visit we had not to long ago...

We moved on the 24th, I headed out of town on the 26th & 27th (NOT a fun trip... .UCSF here we came, sigh), and on the 28th we had a HOUSEFUL of WONDERFUL guests!

Real friends don't mind the boxes everywhere, the complete lack of organization or the pure exhaustion... REAL friends just enjoy simple time together reconnecting and hanging out!

Our families were originally brought together by these two handsome young men YEARS ago. Blake and Nathaniel have something very important in common.... they were both born with Spina Bifida! Nathaniel is 2 years older, but they both enjoying hanging out with someone "like" themselves.

One of the funniest moments of the night to me was when I told Nathaniel it was time to go cath. When he came out Blake looked around and said, "Guess that means it's my turn too!" It was all good, everyone present was totally used to the cath routine and need!

I LOVE hanging out with our special friends and their family. We didn't do anything special, just hung out in our mostly packed up house and had pizza and talked while the kids played. But I really wish we could do it WAY more often! I think our time together is even more special because the kids all get along so well, and this couple is so near and dear to my heart!

They have two new additions to their family right now, and I think we all fell in love with the babies too! Faline especially made a new friend! While the littlest one just wanted to hang out with April.

Dave even seemed to do pretty well with all of the girl power that was in the air! I swear, if I ever marry again, I want a guy a LOT like Dave! He is awesome! Spoken for, but awesome!

And these "special sisters".... LOVE them! Love that they get to hang out together once in a while and be real about what it means to have brothers like Blake and Nathaniel. Not to mention they are a BEAUTIFUL bunch of girls! But I bet no one can put them in the right age order, LOL. That is Brianna, Audrey and Kaia in the top row, with Josie doing a swan dive across it all.... so oldest to youngest, who are they?

I was so blessed that April called, and everyone came over to hang out. I mostly sat in my chair and basked in friendship, but it was so wonderful! I wish I hadn't been so exhausted, but I will take what I can get! Praying we all get to hang out together again soon! And that they can find a way to make down for PSC this summer!!!

At the end of the night I just sat in my chair too exhausted to walk a few steps to my room, but it was WELL worth the exhaustion! Please come again soon, dear friends!


{april kennedy} said...

We loved our time with you guys too! ALWAYS. I feel the same way. Don't need to do anything special....just sit and chat with a family that 'gets' us and 'get' you guys. love to you all. we will be back soon.