Monday, May 25, 2009

*Disclaimer* This is NOT a pity post... read past the first paragraph before giving up!!

So I don't know if all of this craziness with the economy or the state politics is affecting your family any... but it is wreaking havoc with my finances! If the unstable economy isn't bad enough for a business owner, throw in there all the fun things that the governor of California is cutting for disabled people and you have a MESS! But I am trying so hard not to let it effect the kids too much. So when they are constantly asking to go here or there, or do this or that I feel so bad saying no all the time! I don't want to tell them "Can't go to town because there isn't enough gas" or "Can't do that, I don't have any money". So I have been trying to be very creative with activities recently. Today I think we had a winner!

We have all of these really cool places right here in Los Osos that we seldom go to because they aren't "special". I mean in a 6 and 8 year old's mind, doing something in the town that you live in is not "special". But today I just loaded them up in the car and took off without telling them where we were going. And we only went about 3 miles from our house :) We went to Sweet Spring Nature Preserve and walked around. It was fun, not too long of a walk for Nathaniel, and lots of pretty things to look at. And of course we took the camera, for mommy and the kids!

Audrey was mostly in the mood to take pictures, not be in pictures today, but Nathaniel was a willing target for me. This is a major switch a roo for my kids!

There are quiet a few of these cool bridges at Sweet Springs!

Look! A smile from my boy!! So hard to capture that usually....

Nat walking on the cool paths

Ducks to talk to! Audrey had an odd version of "duck talk" going on

Mommy playing with the camera and natural framing..

This came out really neat! Post card picture!

I love old fences!

More natural framing!

A study in God's wonders.... It boggles the mind that one God dreamed up and created everything we see around us... in such fine detail and composition.

Overall, it was a fun outing and we have lots of great pictures to talk about, study and thank God for! I really like days like this,and hope that the kids come to appreciate them too. Because I don't know when things are going to balance out, but I still want to have fun with my kids!