Saturday, May 16, 2009

Organization Queen

Have I ever mentioned that I am an Organization Queen??I am NOT a control freak, I have the certified medical diagnosis to back that up, I am NOT a control freak, instead I am an Organization Queen! And organization is a good thing :)
So, keeping in mind that I LIKE things VERY organized, you could probably imagine my EXCITEMENT when I was gifted this supper cool paper rack! (Oh, and have I mentioned that I am OBSESSED with scrapbooking???)

I was absolutely giddy Thursday night, which is my kid free night, that I could organize all of my scrapbooking paper, by color order of course, into these supper cool racks!! My friends and I met at Butterfly with a bottle of wine, good music and our stolen few hours... and I SORTED PAPER!! Silly I know, but it made me happy!

Isn't this pretty??
All color coordinated...
and waiting to be made into BEAUTIFUL creations!

Now I can't wait to organize my pics and "stuff" into the empty file cabinet in chronological order so I can get back to my FAVORITE part... creating AWESOME scrapbooks for my wonderful children!

Hope you got to do something this week that blessed you!