Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This child is just too beautiful isn't she??
Can you believe that Brianna is old enough to go to prom???

I can't!

But somehow she is....
or at least she is old enough to be dating a Junior in HS, so she got invited to prom!

And went, of course....

So, of course I HAD to share the pics :)

Someday this child will learn NOT to tilt her head that funny way in pics!

*LOVE* This picture of Andrew & Brianna....

Dream those dreams sweet kids,

the world is your for the taking!
What a romantic Andrew is...

He packed a picnic and took Bri to this pretty garden for dinner!

That boy has POTENTIAL!!!
(in many ways, he's a good kid... or at least as good as teenage boys get :)

But isn't she beautiful??

I think so!!

Love to my "Little Bri Bri"

Always, Aunta!


The Clan Piccini said...

Oh my gosh G... she looks beautiful... and PROM?! No way! He looks like he really digs her :o) So cool!