Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A funny little story for this morning....

Each morning Faline (my SIL who I own Butterfly Boutique with) and I start the morning by going over the agenda for the day and getting everything planned out. With four active kids, five work schedules and a business to run it's essential for us to know what's going on...

So yesterday Faline and I were talking about the evening. I have a standing Tuesday night appointment, but last night it was canceled. Faline, who usually watches my kids on Tuesday nights, was wondering if she had to babysit or if she had the night off. We talked about the fact that Nathaniel's shoes looked like this:

Yes... the child who doctors told me would NEVER stand, little lone walk, run, jump and wear the soles off of his shoes REGULARLY has worn the soles off of yet ANOTHER pair of shoes... in less than four months! Nathaniel doesn't out grown shoes. Actually he has been in the same size for over four years. His sister, who is 2 1/2 years younger than him, has had bigger feet than him for almost two years. But Nathaniel needs new shoes about every three to four months because he wears the soles off of them.

So I was telling Faline that it would be a good night for me to take the kids on a Mommy Date night and buy Nathaniel new shoes.

And let me tell's such a BLESSING to buy this kid new shoes! Even if the ONLY shoes that fit him with his braces are Vans and they are heck of expensive, it's still a blessing and a honor to buy him new shoes!

So... a rabbit trail.. sorry.... we finish this conversation and I go to check my favorite blogs that I read daily.... and you have to see this post! I cracked up! You see April has a little miracle boy like me and it seems we have the same issue!! Too funny! And it made me feel more "normal" to know someone else has the same blessing as me!

So off we went last night to get some new Vans....

Pretty cool hu?

Thank you Lord for the miracle of Blake and Nathaniel waring their shoes out!!!

You are such an AWESOME GOD!!!!


The Clan Piccini said...

Sweet shoes! I'm a big Vans fan myself (dratted wide feet!) :o)

That boy is tough on his shoes :o)