Saturday, May 29, 2010

A sweet surprise for Audrey!

At Audrey's SST meeting on Thursday Mrs D (her teacher) made a comment that Audrey preserver's through things, especially this year. It was then bantered about that "perseverance" was the word of the week at the school this week and was Audrey getting a Bear Hug for it? So Mrs D decided then and there that she would give Audrey a Bear Hug Friday morning. She looked at me and said "you will be able to make it, right?" I ALWAYS try my hardest to be there when my kids get awards or do something special, so ignoring all the time pressures I had for Friday (see HERE) I said sure.

And I am so glad that Mrs D decided to give her a award and that I could make it, because JUST LOOK at that smile on that little girl!!! It made her so happy.

At the same assembly some of the boys from Nathaniel's class decided to give Mr Dale, the class student teacher, a Bear Hug for being an awesome student teacher. It was very cool and so true too, because the man is AWESOME! We are really going to miss him, but some special class is going to be so blessed by him!

Just look how happy E is that Mr Dale is standing up there next to him. How many kids get that excited about standing next to a teacher??? Cute!

Ok, off of my rabbit trail and back to this cutie cutie!

This oh so happy smile and good attitude lasted ALL DAY. How cute!

I love Bear Hugs. The ones with arms and a good friend are great (and man do I not get enough of those these days!), but so are these awards that the school give to encourage and reward their students. They make such a difference to my kids!