Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seeking Silver Linings

Some days you just have to seek the silver linings, otherwise you would be curled up in a ball crying your heart out!

The last of the milk was sour Sunday before church, we got to eat our cereal with OJ on it (since OJ is free).... but the silver lining was that when one of His angels walked up to me at church and handed me cash while telling me that God placed it on her heart to do so I knew EXACTLY what He wanted me to do with that cash!

My son couldn't sleep last night (AGAIN!) and he kept me awake most of the 5 hours I had in bed.... but the silver lining was snuggling and talking to a boy who isn't always good about communication.

I ran out of coffee again (and milk, and eggs, and cheese....).... but the silver lining is that my father buys better coffee than I do so when he gave me half of his can of grounds I got an upgrade :)

When I got to work this morning I think that they forgot I was coming in today and there was no one to let me into the office... but the silver lining was that I got to clean out more of my car! (How do cars get so messy all the time??? Oh yea, could be that I am practically living out of mine these days...)

Because things at the new office are chaotic this week there wasn't much work for me to do today so they decided that I should paint the bathrooms.... but the silver lining is that I LOVE painting walls!

I had very limited time at BB today (about 45 minutes to be exact) .... but the silver lining is that I was able to power out three of the most important things off of my to do list while I was there.

Nathaniel had an appointment to get his braces adjusted (not bad, just time consuming).. .but the silver lining was that his brace maker shared with me that two of his other clients are going through some of the exact same struggles as I am right now. That validated me in many ways, and some days we just need validation!

I forgot to make the costumes for Audrey's performance this weekend.... but the silver lining is that half of the group is not showing up, so I have to make half as many and I won't be frustrated that I put in all this work for nothing :) Plus I designed super cute costumes in like 10 minutes! Nothing like working under pressure to bring out the best in a worker!

I keep forgetting to eat (or there is nothing left for me after the kids eat) ... but the silver lining in that is that I keep on loosing weight! I still might make my 5 pounds a month for 12 months goal for 2010!

Nathaniel had a COMPLETE melt down with his child care provider tonight. He was hurting her and being unsafe so I had to leave work early and come home.... but the silver lining in that is that I had time to clean my house and get some of my chores caught up. Plus I am getting to write here tonight! And I will still get my 5 hours of sleep.

The agency that promised us child care grants and housing assistance have backed out and now I have no idea HOW I am going to meet those needs... but the silver lining in that is that I get to be completely surprised when the Lord shows me his new plan for us!

I have In Home Counselors starting at 7 am in the morning.... and I hope that the silver lining in that is going to be that I will FINALLY learn how to get dressed BEFORE the kids!!!! (and the In Home probably hopes so too!)

What were your challenges today?
And what were the silver linings with them?
Did you seek or see the positive?


amy.lee617@gmail.com said...

I just wanted to tell you that your stories are an inspiration to me. This was just what I needed today. I admire your ability to smile in the face of adversity and see the good that will come out of any situation. Thank you for reminding me :)