Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rock for Surf!!

Project Surf Camp is AMAZING!!!! We love them beyond words and won't miss this fundraiser for ANYTHING! :)

And we were blessed to get to go surfing with PSC on Friday.... and get filmed by the NBC crew for the Today Show!!!! Watch the Today show on July 1 at 8 am and 9 am California time to see if we made it in any of the footage used and to learn more about the AMAZING organization!

Project Surf Camp is an AMAZING group of individuals that volunteer their time, energy and passion to bettering the lives of special children and their families. We are so blessed by the folks at PSC every time we see them and interact with them!

Nat is thinking "maybe if I am REALLY good we can get this game on the road quicker..."

Some of the SUPERB hearts behind Project Surf Camp!

Another huge hearted volunteer and board member taking a few minutes to chat with Audrey.

Matt was AMAZING with Nathaniel today (not that we have ever had a volunteer that was less than fabulous..)

I didn't catch this guy's name, but Audrey LOVES him... she wants to know if we can bring him home...
Nope.... not excited or happy at all!

The volunteer from PSC give so freely of their hearts, knowledge, time and energy in a society that is often so self centered. There is nothing self centered about this group! Every one of the volunteers that we have met in the time that our family has been involved with PSC has been EXCEPTIONAL! These people REALLY care and it shows in everything that they do. It is so refreshing to meet a group of people that honestly care about a group of children that is so often overlooked in our society.It melts my heart every time that we hang out with these folks!

Nat has paddled before and was doing great....

But Matt had much bigger plans for him! This is the little boy with Spina Bifida that doctors told me would never stand or walk.... Isn't God amazing??

The classic Nat tongue...

One of the missions of PSC is to embrace the whole family and I can't tell you how much that means to our whole family! It is rare and unusual for me to be able to find something that all of my kids can do together.PSC is all about getting my special needs son out there and doing a "normal" activity, but they do not leave my "normal" girls in the dust! At PSC ALL of my children have an opportunity to do something that they love and can bond over. I cry tears of joy EVERY TIME I see them out there surfing together! And you can see their pure joy in the pictures that go along with this post!

Nat wasn't the only one who got to stand up and surf today... both Audrey and Josie did too!

One of the other things that touches my heart about PSC is that they believe that nothing is impossible with my special child! When Nathaniel was diagnosed before he was born I was told that he would not stand on his own and he would never walk. But by the grace of God, my son CAN stand and CAN walk, but still many look at him and only see what he can not do. This is not the case at PSC. At PSC my son is encourages to try new things, his special needs are embraced and they teach him how to do things in spite of his needs, and at PSC my son is moved just the way that God made him! Through the love, teaching, encouragement and devotion of the special team at PSC my son stood up and rode his first waves while standing on Friday! This would NOT have been a reality for him without the team at PSC!

I am so thankful that there is a group as devoted and wonderful as Project Surf Camp in our community to serve special needs children and their families! I wish that every special needs child in the world could come to Project Surf Camp and be blessed by these exceptional folks that we love so much! I pray that PSC is able to continue blessing families everywhere!

Because looks of pure joy like this are RARE on my son!

AMAZING man!!!

A man, who if he was in his uniform would have terrified Audrey, playing with 2 of my girls and making them feel like the most special girls in the world!

Yes Josie!!!! Way to go girl!

Can anyone say "Christmas Card picture"???



The Clan Piccini said...

You said if the man was in uniform he would have scared Audrey... he's a police officer? Its great that he is donating his time to such an awesome cause! :o)

Wonderful pictures, G. Every time I think of what Nathaniel CAN do that they told you he CAN'T, it makes me teary! :o) He is such a miracle boy, and you are such a strong momma, and Miss Audrey is such a wonderful little girl... you guys need this awesome-ness in your lives! :o)

Masto Mama said...

That made me cry--so awesome!