Thursday, June 3, 2010

So Cute..... from Nathaniel!

I wanted to share two stories that Nathaniel wrote recently. Nathaniel has been working very hard on his story writing skills at school and these two just came home from him this week.

The Day It Rained Candy
Nathaniel Soares

A minute ago it started raining candy. The clouds were red and blue. A candy cane hit the man who was standing under the candy rain. Tic Tacs got him on the nose. He started to laugh. He got some candy in his mouth. The boy got four chocolate chips in his mouth. Then he got bumped on the head by a lollipop-a lollipop! His tummy was so full of candy he went back inside and laid down to digest it.

The End

A Scary Night
Nathaniel Soares

A huge bolt of lightening crashed into the house. Everybody got scared! The power went out! A ghost might have chained them up. And the rain got them all wet. They wiggled their hands to get out of the chains. They tried to get the ghost but the ghost got them again. He put them in chains again. The black cat came in and rescued them. The rain stopped.

The End

Ok... so I thought that they were so cute!!!

In other News....


HeHeHeHe.... it's been almost a month since I got a comment on my blog actually ON the blog (most of them are on Facebook these days...) so I just had to say THANK YOU for leaving my blog love, it made my day to come home and see that tonight!!! :)


Masto Mama said...

What sweet stories--he has such a great imagination! Hugs to you : ) said...

those stories are great! I love it when the littles bring home stories from school :)
Happy Day!