Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whispering to My heart

Life is busy around here. Life is chaotic around here. I have so many things that need done that I can't even comprehend them all. I have literally 1000s of pictures that need proofed and edited that are burning in me to share with you, I have stories and blessings from the last few days to share, I have a house that is such a mess and ore work to do than I can even figure out, but God stopped me in my tracks this morning with my morning devotional reading and I HAVE to share it with you. Have to more than anything else right now. God does that you know? He says these are your priorities and this is my agenda, which are you going to follow? It is the desire of my heart to ALWAYS set my agendas aside and be obedient to Him.

So without further to do, here is an excerpt from my Daily Devotional, The Word For You Today!

"Those you allow to remain will become.... thorns in your sides." Nu 33:55 NIV


Earthquakes result from two tectonic plates on a fault line shifting against one another then lurching in opposite directions. And that's what happens when you bond with the wrong people. It's why God instructed the Israelite concerning the hostile nations to the Promised Land: "Those you allow to remain will become.... thorns in your sides." When a relationship is not working, when your efforts to rehabilitate it have failed, acknowledge it. Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and admit that instead of lifting the up, they're dragging you down. Releasing somebody doesn't mean they'll never improve, it just means God is better suited to the job. Be careful around those who are always trying to make you feel guilty for not "being there". Only God can always be there! There's a difference between helping somebody and carrying them. Your help may actually be a hindrance. Why should they even try if you're always there to do it for them? Your need to be needed could be getting in the way of their need to grow. Step back and let them walk on their own. Not everybody will be happy when you do that, but they're not supposed to be. Jesus said, "Woe to you when all men speak well of you" (Lk 6:26 NKJV). Don't let fear of criticism overwhelm your common sense. People don't take confrontation well, but this is a matter of survival. Every relationship is for a reason, and a season. Discern those who belong in your past, from those who belong in your life now."

This passage spoke straight to my heart. I have been in this season of changing my life for many months, and I have been attacked from many angles during it. Often I feel beaten down and frustrated that so many look and judge me, yet in my heart and in my everyday life I see God's blessing and provision for the path that we are on. This passage reminds me that what God wants us to do and what is right is often not what society sees as good or right. It is validation to me that what God calls me to do is more important and right than what the world wants. There are just times that God knows that our hearts need these words of validation and encouragement. His power and control of every tiny detail of my life amazes me!

I can't tell you how important reading God's word every morning changes my life and sets my day on the right track. Do you have a great devotional that speaks to your heart in simple words? If not I would love to share the one from our church with you, just leave me a comment with an email address and I will contact you :)

Have a day filled with God's wondrous ways!