Monday, June 28, 2010

Nat's Birthday Party!!

We had a bouncing good time at Nat's birthday party Friday night!! Doesn't dinner look yummy?

Yes, we were all a little tired after surfing all day (it was so worth it!), but we pulled together and team Soares-Gallagher threw a great party! Bri and Jo helped decorate outside.

Nathaniel chose a Basketball party. Fun and easy theme :) (and WAYYYY easier than last year's miniature golf course! If you missed that one you can check it out here... )

Aunt Faline and I did pretty good with Basketball cakes don't you think? They were fun, but Faline really doubted that we could make the shape of a basketball out of plain round cakes! I proved her wrong :)

I was afraid we were going to have birthday melt down again when only 2 families RSVPed, but we actually had a very good turn out!

And there was LOTS of hoop shooting going on, which made for a VERY happy Nathaniel!

Then it was time for cake and candles, which Nat WOULD NOT allow me to take pictures of (he was sure that the camera would make his wish not come true...)

When it came time to eat cake there were no forks left. I was annoyed by this, but then I reminded people if they had CALLED to RSVP then I would have know to have enough forks, and they were just darned lucky that there was enough food to go around! Geesh... some people, don't let you know that they are coming, but then expect you to have things for them! WHAT has happened to manners??

After some sweets it was time to open some presents!

Excited boy, complete with the trademark Nathaniel tongue!

Bri very sweetly helped Nat read his cards and Nat did a GREAT job of remembering to thank his friends as he opened his gifts!

The stomp rockets were a HUGE hit!!!

And they came from this sweet friend from school. He has been in class with Nat for the last 4 years and it is so great to see how much he has grown! 4 years ago he would FREAK when Nat touched him, now they hug like crazy :)

I was a little amazed at how many children fit in the play room.... CRAZY!

Overall this was one HAPPY birthday boy!


The Clan Piccini said...

AWESOME party, G! Happy belated birthday, Nathaniel!!! :o) It looks like everyone had a great time, and that cake looks YUMMY! :o)