Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Party Success!

*WARNING* This post has TOO many pictures.... but I just couldn't cut anymore out!!
I think we had birthday party success.... it was touch and go there for a time or two, but in the end I think everyone had a great time and it was a great success!!

Faline, Lorena, Mark and I have been working for about two weeks on the miniature golf course in our front yard (yes, I am sure my neighbors are rolling their eyes at me!) and I was getting really worried. But yesterday Faline and I kicked butt and got it done! I was really happy with how well it came out! Thank God for a SIL as crazy as myself who got down and dirty with me to get it done yesterday! Check it out.... what do you think for a do it yourself homemade course? Oh yea, and CHEAP too!!! Like I said.. I was happy with the outcome :)

Had to name it all for the Birthday Boy of course :)

1st Hole, Pirate's Cove

2nd Hole, Through the Mountain

3rd Hole, Duck Pond.
By and far the most popular hole of the course! And of course the one that daddy got to "fix"the most often since he was voted the official "ball fisher"!

4th Hole, Fiesta Time!

5th Hole, Western Trail
This pic is hard to get, but this hole was actually really funny. The ball went in the cardboard tube UNDER the sleeping bag, complete with life size doll asleep IN the sleeping bag, and came out on the other side of the tent!

6th Hole, Beach Time

And 7th, and final hole, Zen

The kids had a go at a few rounds of golf and had lots of fun. Then we took a break and opened some presents. I spared you most of the present pictures, but what birthday post is complete without at least a few.....

I loved this face.... can you just hear him saying "COOL!"??

Isn't that a GREAT hat?? I love my hat creator!!!

He is actually READING the card!!!!
(and if you know of his school issues, that is a HUGE deal!!)

After the presents it was on to CAKE, YUMMY!!!
So, we created this fun golf themed cake...
complete with the miniature golf cake balls in the sand :)

We had to head inside because the slight breeze we had would not allow me to light the candles and Nathaniel INSISTED on ALL of the candles being lite! Silly compulsive little guy :)

But he did get them all out again! Hope he wasn't wishing for anymore new balls!
After we enjoyed our cake and visited it was back for more golf.... Nathaniel really had a great idea with this one! And it was all his idea. We had so much fun!

Audrey in deep concentration on the 1st hole.

Nathaniel the little golfer!

Mommy (AKA me) showing Audrey how to actually hold the club!

And Audrey celebrating that on her VERY NEXT swing she made it in the hole, finally!

Josie was right in there having fun with the little ones. I am so thankful that she and Bri made it back for the party! Thank you Lord for answered prayers!

Getting it just so....

Such a cute birthday boy hu?

And this little guy saved the day!
Nathaniel was so proud. He came up with this birthday party idea and invited ALL of his friends from school. He was so excited about his friends coming to HIS house to play on HIS golf course. But then I never heard ANY RSVPs from any of the friends he invited. I know that the invites went out, but I just didn't know what to expect. We had an almost melt down when the party had been going for a bit and Nat realized that NONE of his school friends were there. I suggested that we start playing and hopefully someone would come.... in the middle of the first time around for Nat this little guy came waling up! THANK YOU LORD!!! I was so worried for my little guy! But this guy made Nat so happy :)

Nat and his school buddy playing together!

Audrey so happy to have some lap time with Gramie Sharon

Overall, it was a long tiring day, but what great party doesn't produce those results??
We had so much fun, and my little birthday boy is a very happy little guy!


{april kennedy} said...

Happy Birthday Nathaniel. Looks like a great party. Nice job with the mini golf!