Sunday, June 7, 2009

We are home from the hospital... with what I *hope* is good news and a stable boy!

We went in last night because I was very concerned with how Nat's wound was looking and he was showing signs of infection throughout his body. Infection confirmed. Labs being run currently, for both blood infection in foot and UTI, to see what sensitivities will work for him.

We were blessed to be able to work with a kind Doctor, who did not have a God complex! I really don't like it when Drs don't think I know my son, or what his danger signs are. I have been down this road with him before! I know what to look for, and what does not work with him. But when you go to the ER, so many times moms are not listened to and dismissed as crazy or whatever. Last night the young doctor (so young I asked if he actually had finished med school or was he still in the middle of it! He must have started when he was 10!) was good at listening, and good at admitting he knew little about my son's underlying conditions. So he asked what had worked in the past and went with that route...

So, we have a cleaned wound. All of the infected tissue was stripped away and we have a fresh wound to his body to try and heal. Hopefully now his body can heal it without the other tissue there to confuse his body! We injected a broad spectrum antibiotic directly into the wound to try to jump start healing. We applied a topical antibiotic to the wound to try and heal from the outside, and to protect from further infection. And we started on a 10 day course of oral antibiotics.

I am so praying that this course of treatment works, because I really don't want another PICC line. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful that we have the technology to do PICC lines, and the knowledge to treat the infections without extremes like amputation, but I still would rather not have a PICC line! They scar me! And push me on the boundaries of comfortable in my medical training (or lack thereof!) Also, we have had so many bad experiences with the home health nurses in this area not having a clue about pediatric patients that I just don't want to go there....

Please God?!
Do you hear me?
I would really like to see my little boy healed...
WITHOUT a PICC line....
In you time and will of course! :)

Also, while I was taking Nathaniel to the hospital, the most amazing plumber in the world came to my house to fix the shower that has been tormenting me for the last few weeks. I have been broke beyond belief, like REALLY REALLY broke. So the shower has not gotten fixed. I took FOREVER to drain... like 12-16 hours! So many times in the last week one of the kids took a bath in the evening and in the morning when I took my shower there was still water in the tub. Really cold water. Gross water around my feet while I showered. YUCKO! But what is a girl to do? I can't put the shower being fixed over food for the kids or the mortgage....

So yesterday I felt called to look on Craigslist in the "Barter" section for a plumber. Guess what? I found one! And he was a REALLY nice guy! So he came last night and fixed the shower. And he was so great about it too! So, if you EVER need a plumber and you are in the Central Coast area, give this guy a call:

Kusko's Plumbing Maintenance
No overtime EVER
(805) 460-3007
Micheal Kusko

Seriously, this guy is so nice, has a really great attitude, and did a FABULOUS job!!

So, when I finally got home last night I got to take a real bath with wonderful bubbles, and NOT have cold water around my feet this morning during my shower!
Thank you so much Micheal!!

Now I think I need a nap..... it's been a crazy few days, and tomorrow promises to be equally draining! I could really use your prayers for tomorrow... I need that nightmare to end..