Sunday, June 28, 2009



It's hard to believe that my precious little boy is 9 years old today! The time has both flown by by and at other times crept by. But as I waken on this fine morning of his 9th birthday my heart is prompted to write a little something to him...

Nathaniel, my Prince of Princes, I love you so! I can't believe that you are turning 9 whole years old today, can you? There is so much in mommy's heart to tell you, as always, but more than anything I want you to always know how honored I am that God chose ME to be your mommy! I love you so!

In April of 2000, when I found out that I was carrying such a special child I was terrified. I was sure that God had messed up, and that I could never be the strong mommy that you would need me to be. I guess He proved me wrong hu? We haven't done too badly together :)

Your strength, charisma and joy make me smile, even in the hardest of times. You astound me with the magnitude of pain and hardship that you endure, yet you stay so positive and caring.

Nat the Great, your compassion and sweetness break my heart at times. How can one little boy be so filled with so many emotions and know just the right time to give me a hug? You may be an ornery little thing, and drive me right to the brink of insanity with some of your testing, but right then, just when I think that I am about to fall head first into the craziness, you come off with one of your "It's all gonna be okay Mommy" moods and after a while I am laughing so hard and so happy with all of the hugs you are lavishing on me that I forget the craziness!

Nathaniel., you have a VERY inquisitive mind, and love to fill it with knowledge beyond your age! I think you will be a doctor when you grow up, you always want to know everything about how the body works, and why it does the things is does. I do dread the day that you realize how much limitation your body puts on your life, but I know that God will give us the strength to endure even that day!

Then there is your passion for balls ..... how can one little boy have so many balls?? And more so, how can that same little boy possibly think that he can play with ALL of those balls EVERYDAY??? Seriously little guy, you crack me up... when you aren't driving me to hide balls anywhere I think you might not find them for a few hours :) But then again, seeing as none years ago the doctors told me you would never stand, walk, run or jump, and you do ALL of those things, how can I complain that you love balls? Thank you Lord for the gift of mobility and ambulation that you have given my precious Prince! May he continue to be blessed with it for MANY years to come!

Nathaniel, my dearest boy, we have been through so much together in these last 9 years and I know that our journey together is far from over. But I want you to always remember one thing... now matter how much you test me, or how far you push when your little mind just doesn't get that you are pushing, mommy will ALWAYS love you! You will always be my most special Prince EVER! Pray with mommy for grace in all things and wisdom to understand you, my precious boy.

Today, I pray for the BESTEST 9th birthday EVER for you! I hope you love the golf course that you asked for and Mommy, Aunta, Daddy and Lorena have built for you. I pray that the Lord sends many of your friends to celebrate this day with us, even if none of them have let me know that they are coming! And I pray for MANY more birthdays to celebrate with you.

Happy Birthday Nathaniel, my Prince of Princes!
I love you to the end of the world and back..... a million zillion times!