Monday, June 15, 2009

Deep breathe... we did it!!!!

I love my girls.
I love their dance.
I love supporting them.
But, I am glad to say we did it! And this one is over! :)

But it was REALLY cute and they both did AMAZING!!!
So, I am beat, and out of words.... so here is a picture journey through the show!

Audrey in her first number, Petite Ballerina.
She is obviously not AS petite as the ballerina next to her.... but she is still petite! :)
And here are all of the tutus that Faline was holding in the pictures in the post earlier today.

Ballerina Audrey

This was Audrey's second number, a tap number called Happy Feet.

Little Miss Tapper Attitude!

Aren't they so darned cute???

Couldn't resist a few great shots of Josie. This is in her ballet number called "Cinderella"

This was Audrey's THIRD number! A Ballet number called Skip & Hop... she was the smallest and youngest on is this group, but she held her own :)

Doesn't she look like she is having fun??

Here's another one of those "great Josie" shots... I don't remember which number this was.. Fly Away, maybe??

And here is Audrey in her FOURTH and final number, Jazz Hula Babies... these two are so darned cute in this number!!
She sure knows how to shake those hips.... I think I am in trouble with this one!!

And she is thinking "Whew... I did it!" Don't you think??? I do!!

So aren't they so cute??

I got to bring the still pics home, not the video, so you are spared that tonight... but I might add some tomorrow! If you want to check out more Josie pics check out Faline's blog.... there were just too many for one blog!!

I am off to dream land.. I earned it today!



Faline said...

Those were some good pics. Boy are we lucky that both cameras don't go on strike the same night? I hope the video turns out too!

Great job Miss Audrey!