Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So here's the question....

If God provides you with boxes full of miscellaneous veggies such as onions, bell peppers, celery, tomatoes, cauliflower and shallots, what are you going to do with them??

Keep in mind that it's BOXES full of them.... lots and lots and lots of them!

So what are you going to do????

Make stewed tomatoes and can them of course! Or at least that is what I did last night!

24 pints of stewed tomatoes completely FREE! all I paid for was the salt in them and the lids for the tops. Not even the rings, just the lids! God is so GREAT!!

It's off to bed for me now because I have that case of peaches to deal with in the morning... I feel a Cin-ful Peach Cobbler calling my name.....

Night All,



{april kennedy} said...

I was going to say salsa...but I'm not that great in the kitchen! I think your choice was much better. You are amazing to do such good with your food blessings. I'm afraid I would let some go to waste. But definitely not the peaches. I think I am going to go have one right now. I have two fully ripe ones on the counter. And No, I didn't remember the boys birthdays were that close! I just knew they were a few years apart.