Saturday, June 13, 2009

the crazziness continues....

Wow... somehow I made it through the last 48 hours.... I am NOT sure how! I am soooo ready for life to settle down some, maybe after Monday I hope.

Thursday was the last day of school for my kiddos. Good and bad. I am glad that they both had a good year. And am REALLY excited for Nathaniel to be moving into the 4-6 class. Where we live, the special day class is first through third grade with one teacher and fourth through sixth grade with another teacher. His teacher for the last three years was really good at a lot of stuff, but I think he maxed out there and is ready for a change. He has definitely matured a great deal and is ready for some technology in his education too! He continues to struggle with linear processing, which makes forming the letter so incredibly hard. I am excited that he will have the opportunity to use computers and alpha smarts so much more next year! Learning these will be a big part of his summer school program too! Also, Nathaniel will mainstream at grade level for Social Science, Science, Music & PE next year, and he wants to try out for the school choir! Audrey finished Kindergarten, and is doing really well. Being my emotional child, she has been crying a lot about the change, but I think that is just part of growing up. She is excited about going into first grade, and has even decided what teacher she wants, of course it's a different teacher than I would like to see her with, but we all know that God will place her exactly where she needs to be!

Nathaniel continues to struggle with the wound on his foot. It is very slowly healing so we continue with the insane medication schedule and the wheelchair. Speaking of the wheelchair, I was sort of in denial about him needing to use it again, so when we put it away last time it had a bunch on broken or loose parts. Now that he has to use it again that is a problem. Also, it seemed small for him, so I called to have it adjusted and repaired. We went in yesterday... and got NOT GOOD news. It seems that he has out grown his chair! This was not easy for me to take, as I had hoped not to have to buy him another chair until he was closer to middle school. Nor do I have the money to buy him a new chair right now! Last time we bought him one we had private insurance that helped A LOT, but it was still money out of our pockets... money that I plain don't have right now. So we have another appointment on Thursday with a different specialist and I am PRAYING that he has a way to adjust the current chair. Pray with me on this one?

The other fun (pure sarcasm) part of Nathaniel in his chair is his behavior. He doesn't like the chair or the restrictions that it puts on him, so he acts out. This has been really hard on both Faline and I. We have been slamming busy at Butterfly Boutique, we have had a BUNCH of other things going on, and Nathaniel has taken one of us almost full time the last few days just to deal with his defiance and physical assaults. He even got sent home from school on the last day because of his behavior. (though after listening to his side I sort of felt sorry for him, they did nothing to include him in the group because his chair made it difficult) I am sincerely hoping that he heals well and comes out of the chair SOON, I really hope by his birthday in a few weeks he will be walking again! But I also hope that he settles into his summer routine soon and feels better.

Speaking of summer routines, Faline and I finally got the summer school work together and I just have to list out the daily assignments now! I feel good about getting that together, and I am really committed to keeping the kids on track through this summer. I have goals for each one of them and would like to see them head back in the fall doing great! And I am really thankful for the work books that both of my kids teachers sent home. It seems that there were books being discarded as not usable in school anymore, so they sent them home for summer practice! I am so happy!

The other BIG thing going on right now is the dance recital on Monday night! Josie and Audrey have been working so hard to get ready for it, and Faline and I have been crazy making the costumes for it. It has become a big family affair! So we have rehearsal all day today, and final fittings on costumes. That should be fun. :) If you are localish and want something family friendly and fun to do Monday night come on by! The show will be at the Los Osos Community Center at 6:15 Monday June 15th, and you can get tickets at Butterfly Boutique or at the door! Come support the local kids!

Now I need to get up and moving... I have garage sales to go to... got to find cool things to build a miniature golf course in my front yard for the upcoming birthday party! Don't ask how I got talked into that one, but it was all Nataniel's idea!!