Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The world is full....
Of things I don't like.
Some days I wonder...
Am I that picky or am I just surrounded by evil?
Today has been hard.
Beyond hard actually.
I have shed many tears today.
I am tired beyond belief.
And I feel hopeless.
Not in the get a gun out sense,
but in the, I try so hard and nothing ever works sense.
In the, I pray so hard,
but I wonder if He hears at times sense.
In this world, why do we have:
people who abuse?
people who steal?
people who lie?
people who devalue others?
people who hurt others to feel bigger themselves?
people who don't follow through on their promises?
In life, why do we:
make choices that haunt us for years?
dig holes deeper than we can get out of?
carry so much useless baggage with us?
I am haunted by
questions that I know have no answers.
I am haunted
by the fallen world we live in.
I am haunted
by the need to understand that that the Lord does not have for me to understand.
Some days the only way I know is
to bury myself deep in the word of the Lord,
to shed the tears in my soul,
to scream and yell and get it all out,
and to close the door on the rest of the world.
Today is one of those days.....
Pray for me?