Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So summer is here.... and it's making me crazy already!! Seriously, I have been so busy with the kids and work and doctor's appointments I have not had time to WORK this week! It has been insane! I seriously hope it settles down SOON!

Monday was the dance show. Two hyped out dancers, one hyped out Brianna (because she is ALWAYS hyped out), one melt down prone Nathaniel, and two leech kids that attached themselves to us on stuck like super glue even though we were NOT responsible for them... made for one mommy who got NOTHING done in the way of work! I knew this heading into the day... well all except the melt down Nathaniel and the two extras, those were surprises... but I knew I wouldn't be able to get any work done. Tuesday was an early morning appointment to have Nathaniel's leg braces adjusted, a quick trip to the hospital to have his X Rays done, a stop at the pediatricians office to pick up a corrected prescription, and a trip to my work to get a pay check. I barley got back to Butterfly in enough time to drop Nat off before I had to go into Morro Bay to get the girls from basketball camp. I had a few hours at the store that afternoon before an annoying appointment, but the kids were so out of sorts that I was unable to get much work done. It's really hard to hear myself think when they make so much noise!! Today I headed into the mortgage job in SLO then had an appointment with Nathaniel and his Orthopedic Surgeon in south county. I got back to LO in enough time to run a couple quick errands, and dash home at 7 to fix dinner! Tomorrow stands to be about the same! I feel like I have been running like crazy and not getting a darned thing done!

To boot, there are a few things weighing heavy on my heart tonight..

The first in a sort of loss that we had today. Wednesdays are the day that I pick up our surplus grocery bags. I headed over to the church like normal to get our food, and none was there for us! I asked the pastor that was there, and he had seen it earlier in the day, but it was just gone when I got there. It was so weird.. and he was speechless. It took every ounce of strength I had to not break down and cry right there! That food is the majority of what we eat each week. And not only that, but it was food for three families! I pick up our food, Faline's food, and that of a single mom friend that I have here in LO that has no way to get to SLO to pick her's up. It was heart breaking. And I am not sure what I will do for my family this week. I am waiting on the Lord to see what He has in store for us!!

The second thing really getting to me tonight is Nathaniel's wheelchair. When I had to put him back in it I noticed that there were parts of it that were broken, and that it was too small for him. I made an appointment to have it adjusted for him and fixed, but the guy who looked at it last week said that he was maxed out on the adjusting for it and we would have to get a new one. I can't do that right now! This chair was scheduled to last him until about 6th grade, which is two more years away! And the co pay that we had to pay for this chair in 2003 when it was new, was $3000! And that was AFTER our private insurance paid A LOT! We no longer have private insurance, and the state is in such a bad manner, I am really concerned about having to buy a new chair. So tomorrow we have an appointment with the specialist, and I am PRAYING that he will have a better solution! I am praying that he can either adjust this chair to make it more comfortable for Nathaniel, or that perhaps he has a "borrow" or donated back chair that we can trade for. Please Lord? I am so not in the position to buy a new wheel chair!!! So this is heavy on my heart.

And finally, I am struggling with the whole Mark situation again. I know that he is my husband and I have a Christian duty to him, but it is so hard right now. I want to throw the towel in, but know I can't because God tells me not to. But I am so tired of the battle.... I am ready for this season to be OVER!!! So if you are a praying soul, won't you please pray for me tonight? I sure could use that infusion of hope, strength and grace!

The fun thing of the week (other than the dance show) is that Audrey and Josie are doing basketball camp at my Alma matter this week :) And my old coach is coaching them! Along with some of the girls I used to play ball with. How cool is that? And my little Audrey is LOVING it! She is so darned cute and everyone keeps telling me how hard she is working! I hope to get to pick her up tomorrow so I can take some pictures of her playing ball..... Well that is, I hope to take some pictures IF my camera that broke Monday is working again! I am so bummer that my camera broke and I just don't know HOW I can replace it. So I put it away and prayed that it will be fixed when i take it out again.... we will see how that goes tomorrow!

In my blog world friends, one Mama and her little cubs are very sick.. join me for praying for their health? And another friend has posted a weight loss challenge.... I NEED to loose some weight, so I am considering joining it... anyone what to join with me??? My understanding is that it consists of working out, eating healthy and reporting in on Fridays about your personal progress.. oh yea and some thing about posting before pictures... I am not so sure about that part of it! :)

May your week be calmer than mine has been and may you be blessed today!


PS.... I have a super duper surprise coming soon from Butterfly that I am soooooo excited about!!