Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Itell you, it's been sheer craziness and business around here. It's the last few days before school gets out fro the summer, the last week before the BIG dance recital, Nat has been sick battling a big infection, and business has been really good and busy too.... hence I have been unable to carve out any blog time I feel like, but there is so much I want to say!

I will start by telling you that the meeting on Monday that I was dreading turned out ok. Thanks to everyone who prayed for me and it! Those prayers really helped. So I am not thrilled with the situation but at least I feel like I know what is expected of me, and can power through it to the end. And now there is a vague end in sight, so I can hold on to that! So much of this is out of my hands, which is not the best thing for an organization queen, but I am working on my anti stress techniques with it!

Next, I will tell you that Nathaniel seems to be stabilizing a little with his infection. We went to see his pediatrician yesterday, and things looked ok. Can I tell you, he has the BEST pediatrician EVER!! I love this man! He is so supportive, and so accommodating, and always validates me as a mom and encourages Nathaniel too. I am so thankful that God has out him in our lives! So, anyways, Nat looks good. The wound looks fair. The meds are the right ones for him to be on (yes, the labs confirmed that). So now it's just a waiting game to see what happens, and pray for healing.

Opps.... my big man (Nathaniel) just came in... so I guess more catching up will have to wait because I have a boy to snuggle!

Have a great day in His grace!!



{april kennedy} said...

I just got caught up on your blog. I am so sorry you are dealing with so much. I hope Nat heals quickly. Sounds like he might be on his way.

We are dealing with the non verbal anger issues to that lead to complete defiance and hitting of whoever is around. That was equally as painful to read, as it was refreshing. Know you are not alone.

We have been so crazy busy here too. I HATE it. I want more time. I want to be able to have a few hours to call you so we can sit and chat. I have a lot to learn from you! Hang in there. The Lord is definitely blessing you. You are AMAZING. And I love knowing that you are a part of my internet group of friends!