Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is there time to breathe?

Ok... so I seriously want to know if I am the only person having this problem.... Is there time to breathe?? I mean am I the only one so busy that there isn't time to do any of the things I WANT to do, because there is so much I HAVE to do?

I want a day off of the the HAVE TOS to do some WANT TOS! And just so I don't forget...

I want to have mommy dates with each of my kids!

I want to shoot hoops with Nathaniel without having to worry about anything else.

I want to scrapbook!

I want to blog for real!

I want to curl up with a book, a glass of wine and a fire in the fireplace on a rainy day.

I want to detail the inside of my car.

I want to paint the house.

I want to finish my bathroom! (2 years latter...)

Okay, out of my system! For now.

Good news?
Nathaniel's foot is healing WONDERFULLY!!! And he is out to the wheelchair!!!!! I am so happy about this! Thank you Lord!

Bad news?
NO ONE has RSVPed for Nathaniel's birthday party THIS Sunday! Is no one coming, or is everyone so inconsiderate that they make me stress out over this? He is so excited about inviting ALL of his friends from school, and them coming over. He will be so broken hearted if no one shows up. I am actually crying just thinking about it! Please Lord send one or two of his friends. We don't need all of them, but on or two please?

ALSO, the night of the dance show someone dropped my camera (yes, I see the dent on it even if no one is confessing to it..) and it does not work anymore. I am so bummed out about this! It wasn't an expensive camera, but it was my ONLY camera. And I love taking digital pics of my children and blogging and being able to remember.... And there is NO WAY I can afford to replace it. So I hope my parents understand me stealing theirs often... because I am crying sad over this too!

Ok... as much as I have so much to share from my heart, tomorrow is another very busy day and I must get some sleep.



{april kennedy} said...

I don't have time to breathe either. My mind is a mess with too much running through it. AND CALL THOSE MOTHERS to remind them about the party. It is not rude....just make a comment like you haven't heard from anyone and was wondering if they remembered or if they are planning on coming to the party. I hope it goes well and YES we do need to find the time to talk! Hang in there.